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  1. Well, we've actually asked MS representative about it, and he said it's ok since WAIK is free. As to the solutions you've suggested, they are irrelevant due to the hardware we use as they require too much, and I've already created one that works. Anyway, as I've written earlier I've managed to bypass this strange error, but in the cost of security. We can work like this, but it still extremely interesting in an annoying way as to why RDP 6 ain't working properly. I thought I might give ProcMon a shot, by I doubt I'll find anything.
  2. Well, thats the idea though I haven't deployed it yet... Why, is it that awkward? I don't need it for those pre-built thin clients, but for regular computers (pentium 2-4) with 256 RAM which we still use here for budget reasons (we're a charity organization, so almost everything we get is from donations). We've already tried a thin version of XP (CE), but it had some problems with the hard drive and HAL. We wanted Linux but we don't have anyone who can fully support it right now. So I came up with the idea of WinPE, and in my VBOX it seems to work perfectly. I've also implemented some scripts that work as if it had a MagicCard in it (no changes the user do survives a reboot) even-though I've hardened them. As for my question above, I've tried the same with RDP 5.1 (from XP) and it worked perfectly. So, can anyone think of a reason why RDP 6.0 and RDP 6.1 give me this trouble? Thanks, Dodly
  3. Hello all. I've built a nice environment for our end users (who connects to terminal servers with RDP) based on WinPE 3.0 Every last thing works perfectly except for one: When I run MSTSC, it starts up and ask for server and creds as usual. When I log off or disconnect from the server it won't go away, but rather pop that message that says the connection is "lost" and he keeps trying to reconnect. Any ideas? Thanks, Dodly.

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