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  1. Google for vsp1cln.exe only finds chinese sites ,cant read chinese :no:

    Perhaps you shouldn't give up so easily!

    I've outlined all you need to know above as well as including a link to the technet article - you just need the exe...

    I will phone Microsoft to get more info. :thumbup 10x for the hint.

    No problem, nuhi put me onto it. Let us know any info you find out. :)

    Thanks Jamieo !

    I've downloaded Vsp1cln.exe and Vsp1cln_x64.exe and i've cleaned the offline image !

    Perfect ! Vista winsxs size is decreased again but the registry hive "component" remain always 18mb (9mb RTM) :wacko: .

    With reverse integration and SP1 cleaner i have a vLited Vista like with the RTM.

    Yeah, I think the ISO for pre RC SP1 was created the same way. Hopefully a m$ provided RTM SP1 ISO will be built from scratch without all the baggage of previous file versions, reg keys etc. ....Or maybe not!

  2. Thus, users should be warned... if vLite includes such a function, it will prevent SP1 or a particular hotfix from being uninstalled.

    That's true - but if you wouldn't want to uninstall it nuhi put me on to a utility that m$ includes in the new sp1 waik so you can free up that disk space.

    From Microsoft Technet

    • Windows Vista SP1 File Removal tool (Vsp1cln.exe).

    Vsp1cln.exe is an optional tool that you can run after you install SP1 to remove older versions of components that have been upgraded to new versions in SP1. You may want to run this program because installing SP1 increases the amount of disk space that is used by the operating system (because the older versions of components are stored in case you need to uninstall SP1). Typically, you should run Vsp1cln.exe if you want to reclaim this disk space after applying SP1 and if you will not need to uninstall SP1. You can use this file both online and offline, but you must have SP1 installed. You cannot uninstall SP1 after you run this tool on an image.

    I couldn't get it to work on an online (installed) vista and kept getting a message prompting me to use some switch, both from within the install and from winpe. Eventually it 'just worked' after using it on an offline install (mounted wim) as follows...

    vsp1cln /o:<path to offine windir>

    Removes almost 1.4GB leaving winsxs about 700MB heavier than rtm and looking very similar to the 16659 ISO m$ put out a while ago. I vlited the same preset on different versions, here's the sizes of install.wim:

    390 MB	- 6000.16386 (From RTM ISO)
    470 MB - 6001.16659 (From Microsoft ISO)
    639 MB - 6001.17052 (Reverse Integrated)
    474 MB - 6001.17052 (after vsp1cln)

    Just google 'vsp1cln.exe' or get hold of the latest WAIK. I used build 17051 and a much earlier one (16659 I think) - both produced the same results with SP1 RC1, not everything removed but perhaps the stuff left behind is needed for compatibilty or may eventually be removed when SP1 is final.

  3. jamieo, because this way there is no risk for the real data and I have a template to easily make sp integrations on the fly.

    Make sense... I haven't installed on a VM since I got my C2D but on my Pentium M it was sloooow....

    I have my system set up so I can easily reinstall without fuss, plus it's (so say) better to use a second partition anyway. I also took an image of RTM after entering audit mode to make things easier next time. Everyone has their favorite way to do things. :)

  4. The first 75MB mentioned is in the title, the second again in the description. It's the same 75MB.

    Additionally, that is listed under 'resolved' - ie, nuhi has now implemented it.

    It's not a folder you remove, it's almost everything on the dvd except for *.wim and boot\*

    [*]75MB - Setup files from installation DVD

    There's another 75MB that can be removed if you always plan to boot from the dvd to install vista as the files are duplicated within boot.wim

    Hi you said that 75mb can be remooved + other 75mb of duplicates files can be removed from who is going to install from DVD.

    Could anyone indicate exactly which folder to remove?

  5. Issues Resolved in vLite 1.1 Beta 2:

    • Broken autounattend.xml functionality
      Now once again able to configure optional components in xml
    • .Net Native Images for Removed Components
      Images not required are now removed
    • Orphaned Internet Explorer Desktop Icon
      The tweak I PM'd has been implemented
    • Separated Games Removal
      Have copied the games I want and now remove all games from the wim as per nuhi's suggestion. :)

  6. 64bit removal is too slow because there are double the files, gonna try multithreading but the HDDs are the bottleneck so maybe I can't help it.

    Would be interesting to see how multithreading helps as I recently got core2duo and noticed vLite only uses one core...

  7. The Dell Vista disc I received a couple of weeks ago was very clean and was not that different to the M$ RTM from Nov'06.

    On the DVD there is an added $OEM$ folder for dell specific stuff, you can delete all of it's contents except:

    X:\SOURCES\$OEM$\$$\SYSTEM32\OEM\DELL.XRM-MS which, along with X:\SOURCES\PID.TXT activates Vista for you. :)

    Also in X:\SOURCES is the addition of imagex.exe and wimgapi.dll which doesn't do any harm (it's for managing the wim images).

    The boot.wim and install.wim do have some minor changes to them, a couple of extra and updated drivers compared to the RTM - I would expect the same minor differences from dvds that are on store shelves today, one year later...

    The recovery image (#1) of boot.wim also has a customised dell restoration option added which (I'd guess) you'd use to restore the wim that's kept on the recovery partition.

    Only other difference is the lack of a UDF filesystem which means all filenames are UPPERCASE.TXT! :huh:

    As it's pretty much the same as a retail disc it has all the other editions so why not 'test' another? ;)

  8. It seems unneeded to remove the files that are exact duplicates of files that are required in system32 etc. Removal of those will not make the wim any smaller and I have long suspected that they do not take up any disk space once installed either (hard linked?) but I have not tested that...

    The main thing would be to remove those files that do not have duplicates in use. Such as older versions etc. If you look in the SP1 dvd (which is bigger for this very reason), it seems every file has it's RTM ancestor backed up next to it.

  9. :realmad: cworkman,

    you didn't help me. I will rename you as cporkman. Hi...Hi...H...."C_PORK_MAN=see PORK-MAN=see PIG MAN" :P

    I'm continually amazed how some people expect/demand that other internet users serve as their own personal servants with little regard to the fact that there are real individuals on the other side of their monitor taking time out of their own busy lives to offer help.

    I think this kind of attitude should be met with a ban before the whole internet becomes useless as the majority of users become selfish, demanding and thankless.

    kingprageeth (and I guess you really are a king as you certainly act that way!), I hope you don't require any further assistance - and if you do then I hope nobody is foolish enough to give it.

    Now, please feel free to take another two weeks to come up with some immature joke and a matching picture for me.

  10. but I would still like to know if I could use my recovery disc and not have to use the anytime upgrade disc...

    Surely the anytime disc is ideal - I thought your goal was to have vista without the HP junk?!?

    Only downside I can see is HP specific drivers - if you can't find on the web you should be able to extract them from your current installation...

  11. Ooo thanks dude.It worked.Lock the topic ;)

    You know, it's quite selfish to rename the thread to 'Can Lock this topic' just because you are finished with it. The idea of a forum is to help everybody, not just by answering your questions but to keep those answers for others to search.

    Now, I realise you didn't actually provide a useful solution to your 'problem' but what if somebody else had the some issue - your title is now completely unhelpful to them. If you intend to post again then remain in the spirit of a public forum - this isn't your own personal tech support dept.

    forum: 3. an assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest.


  12. vLite will remove *parts* of an associated hotfix along with the matching component removed.

    This is good since you can remove IE, WMP after integrating the hotfixes for them and still benefit from updated codecs, html engine etc. while still having the non wanted parts of the hotfix removed.

    Also, WU won't bug you to install the update and bloat your install with files you already removed! :)

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