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  1. Hello First of all, let me say that I'm complete newbie here, but I'm not a PC newbie. However booting from usb stuff, that's new for me. With that being said, I'm not looking for step by step by step detailed instruction. I know how it's iritating, so I did, and will do try to do my homework. Let me first tell you what I am looking for and what I tried. Well, I was one time looking for something that could boot on my PC but without system installed on. I came to something called "ERD 2005" commander, I found a iso, I burned it on CD and it worked like a charm. Then I found that it's possible to make usb bootable pendrives. So I googled it, and to my suprise I found a step by step instruction how to make a bootable usb drive with erd 2005 on it. So I did, and worked great. Well, couple days ago, I started to look for something newer, I found that there were couple more ERD version released later on, although in different concept. Anyways, during those searches I stumbled upon the multiboot possibilities from usb, about some softwares like yumi, sardu, xboot to create own bootable usb pen drive. So I thought, why not Especialy since I do have couple seperated cd's with bootable stuff, like SeaTools, Ghost etc, so why not merge it into one slick bootable pendrive. So far tested only with SeaTools and ERD (all from 6.0 forward), and all did run great. No problem at all, and yumi is a great tool, and incredibly easy. The problem however came with ERD 2005, and I assume anybody reading it, can guess what it is. Looking over the google it was very popular back in a days: 0x0000007B So I started looking for it, I did find some information about "Dietmars modified NTDETECT", about 2 ways of booting from usb, but I'm gonna be honest here, it's a lot of stuff, and I'm not sure if I need it all. If I do, then I will see if it's worth a hassle, and will see to it If anybody could at least point me to some right direction where to look, and give me first few steps of what to do, that might give me something to start with. I still have my erd 2005 bootable microSD card, so it's nothing urgent. I could have that AND some other multiboot card. But it would deffinetly be even better if I could have all on one card, not several. So my question is, can I make erd2005 work on multiboot pendrive using softwares like yumi etc. or can't? And if so is it very hard to do, and what should be my first steps before looking closely to make it work? Thanks guys for any words of advice. cheers