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  1. I have quickly tested OSCDIMG and MKISOFS and made a batch file (Wonko could probably do better!) here. I tested it by converting a bootable grub4dos USB flash drive to an ISO and it seemed to work on a DOS IMG and also booting XP setup and Win7 Winpe from an ISO inside the main ISO by steve 6375 source: http://reboot.pro/topic/16164-is-there-a-program-method-to-make-iso-image-from-bootable-usb/
  2. Linux.iso's requires write access to the USB stick then making USB stick READ ONLY will be useless, secondly how can i communicate with Steve6375...finally thanks for good info
  3. iso size will be about 17 GB and so no dvd convert usb to iso to make it as cd no viruses no damage
  4. my point firstly no problem creating E2B removable usb containing the following ISOs: window 7-windows 8-windows 10-two linux distros-PE3-rescue(made by macrium reflect)-ubcd533 secondly what i need: how to create one single iso from E2B removable usb with all contents could someone help me any help would be appricated
  5. sounds like good: i just already tried "unattended windows 7 install" first integrate all updates about 151 updates,IE 11,its updates,security updates for .net 3.5 using NTlite create silent installers for .net 4.5.2and its updates here is my setupcomplete.cmd: @echo off pushd %~dp0 start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB2979578-v2-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB2972107-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB2972216-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB2978128-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB3023224-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB3035490-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB3037581-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB3074230-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB3074550-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB3098781-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB3122656-x86_silent.exe start /wait %systemdrive%\Apps\NDP45-KB3127229-x86_silent.exe ECHO. ECHO Deleting Temp Installation Files... RD /S /Q %systemdrive%\Apps del /q /f "%WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts\SetupComplete.cmd" EXIT put it in $oem$ $$ setup scripts folder"with OOBE.cmd all went smoothly my activation is ok exactly setupcomplete.cmd was running in"windows finalizing........."time now i'll preparing unattended windows 10 pro feedback latter thanks all
  6. excuse me what warez please what do you mean"tripredacus"? That's me! PS I found it... that specific version info isn't applicable to the public. If you are an OEM and you are having questions, then you should contact your MS Partner rep for support. as it isn't applicable to the public........okey but no warez forgot as i said in title activated pc?
  7. what is illegal?i am talking about oem machines i had owned all bought legally if something is wrong just clear it up
  8. excuse me what warez please what do you mean"tripredacus"?
  9. I have never heard of this before! there are slic 2.1 2.2 2.3 three options regards
  10. Very cool info...so if i would install defferent windows7 edition on my pc-of course using another oem slp key-did the old oem slp key embedded in the bios will be gone or what? thanks for great link
  11. my pc is dell optiplex 745 bios modded slic 2.3 my os windows 7 sp1 ultimate up-to-date i had installed my os several times using oem slp key and last time i did that using another oem slp key"non-brand" my os had activated oflline with no problems but when checked the key i had writed in PID file i found another key previosuly activated from first time i installed and activated windows 7 i discovered that all os installation times i did was the same first oem slp key my questions: did that means the first oem slp key live in my bios and every time i do a clean installation of windows 7 it will be auto activating using it.....of course with the same cert? that lead me to think that matter is similar to windows 8 activated with oem dm key in pre-activated windows 8 pc...althougt there are important deffernts between both? if i want change my first oem slp key-as i did in PID file-to another one how can i do that? no relation between what i have aiming to with windows 10 at all best regards
  12. exactly what i want to do before first login the same way could that be done using NTlite?

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