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  1. hi friends plz tell us how did u do it... because i want to make that... :w00t:
  2. hello dear i think u go wrong? simply u copy ur xp on ur hard drive , then go to i386 folder and find sp2.cab listen if ur xp copy is sp3 so find sp3.cab.... so its on u, now come back to the sp2.cab its winrar application . u can extract it with wirar,7zip....etc, when u extract it to another folder .now u can edit 4 files with name of 1. ntoskrnl.exe 2. ntkrnlmp.exe 3. ntkrnlpa.exe 4. ntkrpamp.exe mostly computers use only two exes. that 1 ,2 so u edit these files with the source hacker software. when u done ur job with these files .now u go ur run box and type in iexpress and enter when u open iexpress so make ur modifiy folder into sp2.cab and now u can easily replace ur modify sp2.cab with the orignal sp2.cab in i386 folder. so burn ur xp image and enjoy.... but plz do all procedure very carefully ,, AT OWN UR RISK... LOL,
  3. hello dear u can use iexpress to make sp2.cab. u can go run box and write there iexpress and then enter now u got iexpress , so now u can make ur sp2 folder into sp2.cab ....... i hope u make it thankssss.... :hello:

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