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  1. I changed the network resource to a local mapped drive and that seems to take care of some issues but some scripts still do not execute properly.
  2. Thanks for the replies. How much does WPI cost for none private use? Also I am trying to add that to my command line and its not working. My command line looks like this, cmd /c "%gamesrc%\Batch files\Batch1.cmd" I changed the default path to match my environment variable of %gamesrc%. All I get is a command windows for just a split second, too fast to read and then the installer bar goes all the way to 100% then an error icon pops up on the list and it exits and restart WPI. Any more advice?
  3. I have a lot of batch scripts that I must run repeatedly in different combinations on different OSs. I think that WPI would be a perfect tool for this. I am however having trouble getting WPI to launch batch scripts. It will launch an executable just fine but always gives an error when trying to launch a batch file. The error is not very descriptive. I have very little java/html/vbs experiance. I can poke around at the code and figure some things out, but for the most part my skills lie in batch scripting. Can anyone help me figure this out? At this moment I am testing this on windows 7 pro 32
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