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  1. I just tried it again by re downloading the updates (excluding KB2533552 and the other greyed out ones, pics attached) and importing them as update packages in my mdt svr. I get the same problem.
  2. Yeah I was afraid that was the case. Even though I did stand up a vm w/ win 7 sp1 and checked every update like I said in a previous post. Im just trying to avoid the long post install windows update or even wsus. Id rather just drop the updates in mdt as I need them instead of having to manage another server. Thanks for your input.
  3. Ive tried deploying again with just KB2487335 imported into mdt packages and it worked (Log attached). Checked the installed updates and KB2487335 is there along with two others (pic attached) I used my regular deploy task sequence that is mainly stock except for a script that creates addition local user accounts. Also im using a vanilla imported win 7 sp1 iamge, not a packaed msi. eg: I mounted the iso that i got from msdn, imported it into the deployment share, i can see the files just sitting in the operating systems folder in the dep share. CBS.log.zip
  4. Trying again to attach... cbs_unattend.log.zip
  5. Ive gone back and tried to install all the critical and important updates manually on a fresh win 7 ent x64 vm. Some failed (mainly said not needed). Ive excluded those and tried to run the deploy again. Same thing. Deploy works fine if I disable the updates.
  6. Hi All. Ive run into a problem installing some updates (packages) I got from WUD. This is what im using: MDT 2010 deploying win 7 sp1 vanilla (straight from MSDN) WUD 2.50 w/ steven4554's update list for win 7 So this is what happens. I downloaded and imported only the critical and important updates into my mdt 2010 server as packages. During the deployment I get a "failed ti install package from source ..." in my cbs_unattend.log. Ive tried excluding the offending package but it just fails on another. Anyone have an Idea whats going on?
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