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  1. wel jaclaz it write no files to disk but internally meaning in the sector to start you folowing lines the official maker is located here http://www.ipauly.com/bbs/dispbbs.asp?boardid=2&Id=1 i will use the mindows and upload it with bootice working we dont need it starts what thef*** you want in the world just send me download link to this mindows the link you gave me to wee is the correct same in but. bootice have gui on it send me the download link to mindows and i makes worlds smallest bootice because dos read all disk with no driver well as far as we can see it will feature this using old windows to boot bootice as shell to make all hdd start done 98lite something to make it 4 mb i remember there was a website that sold them
  2. send me the download link to this project i put boot ice on it
  3. something very usefull you can do if you have low ram is to make a windows 98/95 live cd with the BOOTICE and no shell etc just loads boot ice and it can accses all you harddrives even if you have no driver you can repair boot on your revo drive or other pci express disk with two lines only using the boot ice weebootmananer internal load windows 7 is weeboot folowing lines find --set-root --active find --set-root /bootmgr /bootmgr load xp is find --set-root --active find --set-root /ntldr /ntldr load grub is find --set-root --active find --set-root /grldr /grldr load windows old is find --set-root --active find --set-root /IO.SYS /IO.SYS you can do this to any hadisk you want and you can make it search for all lines you want just dont have space between the lines example wee boot config find --set-root --active find --set-root /bootmgr /bootmgr find --set-root --active find --set-root /ntldr /ntldr find --set-root --active find --set-root /grldr /grldr find --set-root --active find --set-root /IO.SYS /IO.SYS bye dos

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