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  1. Imagex in pendrive.

    What i meant was, can i run this tool from dos, booting it from a pendrive. ? I just tried booting it from pendrive, but it doesn't run.
  2. Imagex in pendrive.

    Thank you for replying to my post, wimlib will do it, its imagex is quite similar to WinPE 3.0's Imagex. All i want to know is, do i have to put all the files downloaded from http://sourceforge.net ( wimlib-1.7.0-windows-i686-bin.zip), to a pendrive. {wimlib-imagex is largely just a command-line front-end for wimlib as mentioned in the notes} Will that do the trick, just need confirmation, and i am going to check and perform a restore by wimlib. Thank you.
  3. Imagex in pendrive.

    Hello, i beeing using Imgex tool from WinPE 2.0 (The Windows® Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7 ), and i have made number of backups for Winxp and Win7 thoroughly past months. It suffice's my need for making a backup and restoration. What i want to know is, can i make this Imagex tool bootable from DOS, i know their is a process for creating a bootable WINPE2.0 but it still takes considerable time in my Dual core E5700 process, @3.00GhZ and 2 GB ram. Is their a tool or a process to make Imagex bootable from pendrive that would be fast to load. Awaiting some reply.
  4. I dont think if its any case of a SATA sontroller , cause after accepting EULA by pressing F8 it would examine the Disc and then show the partition , that in itself would mean success in recognising the SATA Controller disc, i had little failure by using the the Novircorp product when installing it in the Second partition, the only lack was the amount it take to copy the content to a USB. -[b] Is the second partition a Primary Partition or is it a Logical Drive of an Extended Partition ? You need a Primary Partition for Install of XP.[/b] You need to investigate the harddisk on which you try to Install XP by booting first from grub4dos menu with PE (LiveXP or 7PE) or with PartedMagic. Then you can inspect your harddisk with e.g. Disk Management and see what is causing your trouble. Also use Windows Explorer to see where XP Setup TXT mode has made the WINDOWS folder and has copied the files. If i am installing on a Second partition then it would mean it on a extended or logical drive. IF this tool is only meant to be installed on a Primary partition then i would its natual for it to show errors. Even then Novicorp would fair better here in installing it on a Second partition ,,,,,,,
  5. Hello i choose the"Continue GUI Setup + Start XP from HD 1 - Part 2" and also "Continue GUI Setup + Start XP from HD2, use if installing on HD2" option, but its still not booting or continuing with the setup process, i don't know what to make of it. wimb can you shed more light on this , what do i do further from here.
  6. Hello folks, i have downloaded this USB_MultiBoot.cmd - Install XP from USB tool and i havn't used even once and i have always used Novicorp's WinToFlash and it has served me well in all these times but recently i had to format a laptop and found out that this tool can only be used once , i don't know how to explain but it would work once and i had to follow the same entire thing to make it bootable and even imagine to follow the entire same steps to just make it Bootable. So i searched and downloaded and read about USB_MultiBoot.cmd which can be used to boot from it and install from it for a number of times. Thats a keeper. So i tried to install or make a dual boot to install win XP and after the setup does the copy thing it would reboot and show a two Win xp Professional to choose from the Boot Manager and choosing the first one would show these messages Windows could not start because of a computer hardware configuration problem. Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference needs for additional information. So what do i do further from here, it seems this tool gets confused when installing it to a second partition, i bet it would run smoothly if it was for the first partition, any advice.
  7. Some definitions of these !?

    Hello folks, this is my first post here at MSFN , although i have no particular issues to share with you: can anyone provide an easy explanation or definitions of the following terms in easy to understand language, i have googled to know it was more complex to understand few terms such as: RAID AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) SCSI ADAPTERS IDE SATA AND SATA CONTROLLER I come across this term many times when i read any article to slipstream or integrate the Sata controllers to an Xp or Win 2000 disc using nlite.
  8. We can be friends, even if it means to know just through post.