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    Hi Andre, This is almost one year since I reported the system freeze/slowdown and subsequently with your help figured it out as ACPI issue. You suggested "your processor P4 must have gotten slow" & suggested changing the Processor could be a solution. I tried another P4 with out desired results. Then the thought about ACPI drivers stuck me. Through the device manager I changed the ACPI driver from 'ACPI uni Processor PC' to 'ACPI Standard PC'. to my surprise the pc behaves like gem. It is very fast now and boots in 25 secs. It is now almost one month without the problem. The only change i noticed is while shutting down as it used to be some years back the PC comes to the screen "now it is safe to switch off your computer" instead of shutting down completely. I have to power off. I belive this could be an useful tip to others as well. Thanks for helping to trace the problem.

    Hi RJARRRPCGP, I am not sure about how I can use this to approach my problem. You sound very technical. Can you please explain.

    hi Andre, In the Threads tab of Process Explorer(Got it by right clicking the item 'system' in PE list) I suspended ACPI. Though CPU usage climbed down and was hovering around 30 from 100, the speed of the system did not improve. Importantly playing audio file was still not possible. There was a marginal improvement in the system speed but was not remarkable. I also tried diabling the ACPI in BIOS, the system did not boot. Should I change the processer, along with it everything else has to be changed. Is not It?

    Hi Andre, Tnks a ton for all these help. I have been trying to understand what this ACPI? and came across a lot of disucssion in various forums on how it causes massive cpu usage. The AIDA Extreme software reveals that the temp of: CPU: 33 D.celsius Mohter Board: 38 HDD1: 43 (OS) HDD2: 41 I reckon that this is around the idel temp of these devices One more thing that fogot to mention initially that in the slowdown state my system does not shut down but will freeze at "windows is shutting down" usually i force it to shut. Rightnow I am typing this messag when my maching is taking one second for every word typed. this is sickenin Any way ahead?

    Hi Magic Andre, These are the links of 3 files with Mega upload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=457WN2ME http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RY79MLHI http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UU9YJ8EH

    Yes, Thanks! I shall do that

    Hi Magic Andre, Thanks for the great suggestion. Being a non-techi it was tough for me to follow certain things, but somehow wriggled out these .etl files. I ran the command on two occassions that is when the system is normal and when it is in slows down state. Though I could not read too much out of it, I fig out that the slow down is caused by some software or driver. That, I am confident you will be able to make out. Your Universal Extracter is a great idea. Unfortunately while uploading I find my upload is restircted to 500K. whereas the two tiles add upto nearly 7MB. Is there any other way I can post it to your attention?

    hi Magic Andre, I tried my best to install xperf in my system but couldnot. It seems xperf works only on vista, and win7. I down loaded wpt.x86 and installed it. I am not sure about how t use those tools I see there. It will be great if you can help me in getting xperf right. From this forum and various other forums I understand it is a great tool. Please help me.
  9. Hi, I am new to this forum. I am not a Techie. I saw MAGIC ANDRE's Dec 2009 response to 'How to get the cause of high CPU usage by DPC / Interrupt'. I think he can help me to get rid off this maddening experience of my system slow down. It logs in with in 70secs and maintains a very decent speed in its operations. But during the course of an application or even when it is idle the CPU usage climbs to 100% and the sys starts crawling. becomes dead slow that makes you go mad. Media files cannot be played, if you try you get outlandish noise from the speakers and never recovers till you restart the sys. I am not able to identify the process which evokes such reponse from the system becz it may happen at any time. It may not happen at all on a given day. Now I have been working with it for the last 40mts with out this nusense but after restarting it for four times prior to that in an hour of work. I have tried everything, through scanning by antivirus, malware, etc system is clean. I have registry cleaner(uniblue) and system speedup(amigo) tools with no help. Process explorer indicates an idle process of 90%(when no application is running) when the system is alright but in the slow down state idle process is either 00 or upto 10%. However 'hardware interrupt' in PE jumps to even 50% once the system slows down. When the system is normal it would be < 1.5% the specifc of my system: Processor: Pen 4, 2.26gh Hard disk : 2 nos. 80Gb and 160 Gb with operating system in system-partition of one of these disks. there a 6 partitions. RAM: 1 GB DDR1 OS: Windows XP SP 3 I have formatted all the disks since i started getting this problem with out any result. I know vry little abt computers, but i have taken this as a challange. Every day I am spending a lot of time visiting a lot of web sites and trying every possible trick to set this right. When the machine behaves you love to work with it. Would appreciate help from any member of this forum.