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  1. I am trying to format and delete Vista, I can't get far enough into the install to do that though. I am trying to install to an IDE hard drive from a Windows XP x64 SP1 disk. With all the hard drives unplugged, or even an unsupported SATA controller, shouldn't I get something like "No hard drives found" instead of a blue screen? Edit: I just switched DVD drives, and it now gives a 0x0000006B BSOD at the same point (after "Setup is starting Windows" but before any user input screens).
  2. So I've had Vista running on a box for a few months, running just fine. Recently its been giving me problems so I decide to go back to XP. XP install loads drivers, gets to "Setup is starting Windows...", then BSODs with 0x0000007B. A bit of Google-ing points to hard drive, bad driver or boot sector virus. I tried different RAM, then a new burn of my XP ISO and even tried with all hard drives unplugged, nothing helped. The old OS still boots and loads Vista. Any thoughts on what to try next?
  3. The LAN's ISP is garbage (1500mb/week max [up and down], if you miss a windows update: banned. Run ANY server, and you get banned [not HTTP, SQL, DHCP [for ICS/NAT], not even a game server). If you get a virus that starts scanning the network, you get banned. I0f you download anything copyrighted, you’re banned. But the real kicker is if you use any programs that are capable of downloading copyrighted material, to download legitimate stuff, banned.) Also, the LAN has a 28 mega bit fibre optic line, which isn’t too bad.... except its split between 5000 users. I get speeds equivalent to a 14.4k modem. I am getting Rogers Extreme (5 mega bits down, 800kb up), and want to share it with 4 other people. These other people are on the same switch as me on the LAN. Directly connecting these PCs to each other is not an option (too far apart, too many obstacles). To share the connection, we need to route it over the existing LAN. I hope that clears up the problem, if you have any more comments, or any other solutions, I'd appreciate it.
  4. Yes the 129 addresses are public, but we can NOT change them. What I was thinking for sharing the connection: VPN. Once a client connects, it will use my default gateway right? Note: The Mac is not mine... its the neighbour's... and if I get a chance I will kill it.
  5. My computer has two actice internet connections, but one of them is limited bandwidth and have several useage restrictions. I need a firewall that can control access to BOTH connections, on a per-program basis. Foe example, "Blah.exe" can use connection 1 but never connection 2. I have Norton Internet Security 2003, but can't seem to find anything like that... The system is Windows Server 2003 (Enterprize Edition).
  6. Current Setup: LAN (5000+ users) --> My PC --> Cable Internet. The LAN has an ISP, but it is useless. I want to share the cable connection with 4 (and only those 4) users from the LAN. We do NOT want to loose the LAN connection. We want to use Rogers as our default gateway, and the LAN for any remote IP address that matches 129.97.*.* How do I need to set up my PC? How do I set up the clients to use the LAN only for 129.97 addresses and my shared connection as default? I am running Server 2003, the others are Windows XP (Home and Pro) and one Mac OSX

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