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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    I agree with you and I am pretty sure, that your problem will be solved after having inserted the Crucial M4 SSD.Regards Fernando Hi there, Last week I tried to post an update of my situation but this site was temporarly unavailable. But now I'm here. So... this is what happened: I tried installing Win7 x64 on AHCI mode on my Vertex 3 120GB SSD for about 3 times. Every time Windows got back into the install after the first reboot while installing the installation got stuck and the computer came into an endless reboot circle. On that point I set my BIOS settings back to IDE mode and it seemed that the installation could continue in IDE mode. And that was just something I did not wanted because of the limited performance of a SSD on IDE mode. BUT, and there is the big but: while struggling in this proces my BIOS didn't recognized my SSD at all times. And that happened more and more. I fixed this issue a couple of times by resetting the BIOS by powering down and removing the battery but that went quit irritating after a while. So I contacted the manufacturer of the SSD and send it back for RMA. I mentioned that I lost my patient on the Vertex and asked for changing it into a Crucial M4 128GB. That was no problem for them and 3 days later I ran Windows 7 x64 on AHCI mode on my pc without any problems. So in the end... OCZ Vertex still sucks Thank you all for all the help. Greeting, FBratwurst
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Thanks for quick responding. And sorry for posting in the wrong topic, but still thanks. It helped me out in some way. Yesterday I did all the things that Fernando suggested. No satisfying results... But this is what I found out (sorry for my bad English) Installing windows 7 on the SSD didn't worked in AHCI mode. But it did work on a normal HDD in AHCI mode. Therefore I used an old HDD from a broken laptop. So I do have a working OS in the house When I tried to install WIN 7 x64 on the SSD in AHCI mode it goes untill after the first restart while installing. I see the Windows logo and it won't go through that point. I unplugged al other devices except for the DVD ROM. After a couple hopeless restarts I switched back to IDE mode in the BIOS and then the installation of Windows continued normal. So I guess there is a problem with the combination of AHCI and the Vertex 3 on my mobo. But that's not everything. Between al this problems I struggled (and still struggling) with the BIOS that won't detect my SSD at all times. I have to shut down power, remove the battery of my mobo and then restart. Only then the BIOS detects the SSD. This is some problem I had a couple of months ago with an earlier Vertex 3, wich I send back for RMA. Seems like this one is also ready for RMA. So now I contacted the reseller where I bought the SSD and explained this problem. I'm quit done with the Vertex and I have let them known that I want to exchange it for a Crucial M4. So what do you think about this? Broken SSD, or do I miss something?
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hi there, I've been looking quit a while on this topic for a solution for my similar problem. I can't get my new SSD working with AHCI enabled on my nForce mobo. In IDE mode everything works fine, but I really want to get it working with AHCI. Hopefully you can help me. As far as I read on this topic I do believe in the expertise of Fernando. The things I've read so far has only to do with Windows XP while I'm using Windows 7. Please help! Further specs of my system: OS: Windows 7 x64 Mobo: M3N-HT Deluxe (nForce 780a SLI) SSD: OCZ Vertex 3 (firmware 2.15) HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 103SJ MEM: 4GB Kingston 1066Mhz VGA: Onboard (external just died, looking for a new one) DVD-RAM: LG or something. FLOPPY: nope, but I do have a bootable USB What I've tried: After 2 months working on Windows 7 x64 on IDE mode I decided I wanted to change to AHCI mode. Tried the register tweak (change .../msahci/start value from 3 to 0), reboot, change IDE to AHCI in BIOS. Results in endless reboot at the point of loading Windows. After that I tried to reinstall directly on AHCI mode. Same results. Tried other SATA ports on my mobo. Didn't work as well. Again installed on IDE mode and searched for ours and ours to a solution. Nothing comes close as this topic but I'm quit dizzy right now of all the research. I put all my trust in you guys. Thanks in advance! FBratwurst By the way: it's not an issue for me to reinstall.