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  1. Reinstall Windows image from boot.ini

    I'm interested, too.
  2. I can give a suggestion. Try http://episteme.arstechnica.com, select the Motherboard section. There's a sticky thread named "Swapping motherboard without so much of a reinstall", or something like that. Use that method to install generic drivers for ATA controller and the rest. That should be enough, I think. Not tested, though. Ciao, jaclaz, italiano anch'io!
  3. What's wrong with this XPCD?

    This has never happened for me. I use a LiteOn 52246S and 24x Verbatim RW medias.
  4. What's wrong with this XPCD?

    Yeah... However I'm trying again with the latest version. If I can't get it to work I'll do some tries manually editing/adding/removing files. Who knows, maybe it works.
  5. What's wrong with this XPCD?

    Sure, but this is not the real problem.
  6. What's wrong with this XPCD?

    Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying...
  7. What's wrong with this XPCD?

    Well, the winnt.sif that nLite creates is very similar to the one I prepared, it just contains less informations.
  8. What's wrong with this XPCD?

    I will try, but there are some other problems... details here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=89&t=30024
  9. What's wrong with this XPCD?

    Can't anyone help me?
  10. what about installation speed? A DVD should read data much faster than a CDrom...
  11. What's wrong with this XPCD?

    I am burning to CD-RW medias, so no wasted discs as I try, but I must admit that using VMware or a similar tool would save time. I also say that I've made it unattended with the regular method described at unattended.msfn.org, not with nLite. I am sure all files have been copied. The question still remains the same. Maybe deleting the right entries (those for the files that are not present on the CD) in the 3 files will avoid error messages... BTW ok, I should have posted in the nLite section, if a moderator reads this thread, please move it.
  12. capturing the Registry

    Another good tool is Advanced Registry Tracer. It can also be very useful to install apps that don't have an option to install silently.
  13. I'm writing here because I'm having troubles making an unattended Windows XP installation. I have copied the contents of a Windows XP Professional CD to my HD, slipstreamed SP2, used nLite (version 0.98.8) to get rid of useless stuff and integrate the drivers I needed and finally followed the instructions from this site to make the OS and my applications install completely unattended. It seems to work fine at first, but when it starts copying the files during the text mode setup, many of them can't be found on the CD. I believe that the missing files are part of the stuff nLite removes, or at least looking at the filenames made me think so. I have made a text search in the "XPCD" folder with some names of the missing files, and all of them appear in the following files: LAYOUT.INF DOSNET.INF DRVINDEX.INF Maybe these 3 files haven't been correctly updated by nLite when it has removed the "optional" components... or else why does this happen? How can I solve this problem? However after it finishes everything the OS seems to work perfectly (well, everything but the soundcard, but that's my fault, I've made a mistake), but if those errors appear and I have to press ESC (to skip copying of each missing file) tens of times then it's not a real unattended installation! So I absolutely need to get rid of those errors, but since this is my first attempt to make an unattended CD I need your precious help. Thanks in advance.
  14. Slipstreaming have laptop battery driver issues

    It happened to me, too. My laptop is a Presario 722EA, and I had the same problem at first. However after some minutes the battery was detected correctly, without modifying anything. Very odd... BTW I can't give any help, just wanted to say that you're not the only person getting this kind of error.