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  1. Ok thank you I'll try this also. Even if the hdd probably is lost forever really tnx for assistance
  2. Ok I'll make a try removing the pcb as described. Anyway this morning it is recognized now as a model ST_M13FQBL with serial QNR_BFW, any other clue?
  3. The PCB is connected when I receive the message after power on. Do you think it's better to make a test without pcb connected?
  4. But I don't receive the SIM error message from the RS232 When I power on, the response at RS232 is: RST 0x20M RW: Disc Ctlr Initialization Completed. (P) SATA Reset Then, if I send CTRL+Z, it gives the prompt: F3 T> So... what can I test now?
  5. The procedure for BSY problem described here:
  6. Hi to all, I'm new in here, so be kind with me I'll tell you my "story", hoping to find some hints for resolution. The poor hdd is a 1TB Barracuda 7200.12, with firmware JC45. The first problem was the spindle stucked, recognized by the classical sound, an identical video of this problem can ben found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXxtSUwC2wk So I've taken the hdd to the Clean Room, carefully opened, unstuck the motor with an homemade tool similar to the one that a lot of services sells all over the web. The hdd was revived, now it spins correctly. But BIOS doesn't recognized it. So I've attached the RS-232 and made some tests, spin up & down are working, also with "good sound". I've thought it's in BSY state, so I made the procedure, but nothing. If I try to call the Heads with h0 to h3 they answer, so they seems ok, but if I try to make a Measure Throughput at level 2 with T command it gives read/write error. So here the problem. The heads and actuator seems ok, it moves, there's no head crash on the platters and now the spindle is ok. Where is the problem? I don't know what test to make now, I've finished all my idea and science Maybe some guru can help me. Thank you.