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  1. I have solved the problem.. transfered disc to older computer, adjusted settings in BIOS, and utility successfully recognized the drive.
  2. Hello to all, I have a problem updating firmware on ST3500320AS. First my disc got bricked and entered BSY error. Then I realized that I'm not the only one with this problem. Bios didn't want to recognize it, etc, etc. I have followed instructions from this forum and bought necessary stuff, successfully unlock my Seagate 7200.11 and now the disc is working again, data is intact, Bios can detect it and WIndows also. But problem is when I want to update firmware from SD15 to SD1A. I have downloaded that bootable ISO image with Seagate firmware update utility from Seagate website. Disconnected everything except Seagate disc which I need to update and my DVD drive. Comp is restarted and it enters that Free DOS firmware update utility. Then I press S (for scan the drive), but it doesn't find any disc. Of course pressing A (update firmware to ST3500320AS) is also not working because it can't find any disc. After that I shut down everything, connect my Maxtor drive (Windows drive), removed boot disc from DVD drive. Enter windows, and downloaded Seagate firmware update utility for Windows (also from seagate web). Start that, read everything, next, next, comp restarts and enters again in some DOS utility slightly different then this first bootable one. After that it just said that the disc inside is Maxtor and not Seagate, and won't update again. I think that Dos wont recognize my SATA Seagate (Maxtor is that flat wide cable (IDE I suppose or something) because there is no drivers or something like that. MB is Intel DQ35MP Setup under Advanced drive setting: NATIVE (cant change to anything more) AHCI (can change this to IDE or RAID) SMART Enabled (can change this to disabled) If I change from AHCI to IDE I can choose from NATIVE to LEGACY. No matter what I choose, comp locks during boot and wont even go further from screen where I'm presing F2 to enter BIOS. I need to disconnect everything so I can even enter BIOS,and revert settings. Also tried ti disable SMART, same thing. Nothing helps. Don't know how to solve this. Please help!