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  1. Since I last wrote about not being able to access Mim0's website, I was able to access it fine for two days (3/14/14 and 3/15/14, I believe) even though I had made no changes to my computer nor gateway. Then, after those two days, the previous problem returned and has persisted since. That is, whether I try to browse to hfslip.tk or to hfslip.altervista.org, I get a long wait and then a timeout error saying the server is taking too long to respond. All other websites I visit are loading normally. On the two days when I was able to access Mim0's site, I was browsing to hfslip.tk. The pages loaded so fast I didn't notice whether or not I was being redirected to altervista, but after the pages finished loading the address bar still showed hfslip.tk. In the next day or so I may have a chance to try again via a different computer/ISP. Failing that, though, does anyone have any ideas what my problem might be? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you kindly. Was able to download just now, but for the previous 15 hours had to power due to ice storm overnight. Kudos to the local power crews who got it restored so quickly in spite of widespread tree damage in my area. Glad I checked back when I did. Will investigate router issue(s) first chance I get. Thanks again. I wish you all the best.
  3. I'm old, poor, and disabled. I only have my usual browser (Firefox) and IE installed, but for OS I can use either XP Pro or 2K Pro, and I have tried those various combinations on three different computers. All are in my house and so on this side of the same router. Have tried changing DNS to OpenDNS and then flushing DNS cache per your previous post ... same result. Every other website I visit, I have no problem, but each time I try to access Mim0's site with Firefox, for example, I get a timeout error saying the server is taking too long to respond. Similar error message using IE. Don't have laptop and honestly, don't have any friends. Hoped to use the file checker a couple more times, i.e. until after last patch Tuesday, so now not being able to browse there but able to browse everywhere else I need to, it's debatable what is the bigger problem, but for your help and suggestions I'm grateful. Afraid of going off-topic though.
  4. Yes, I understand, sorry for breach of etiquette. I am not especially savvy anymore and wouldn't have asked except that I have already tried and failed many times with different browsers; never had any problems before; and haven't knowingly changed anything myself. Checked firewall and HOSTS (found nothing) before asking. Also tried different computers with no luck. Will keep looking but at this point I'm guessing I will have to give up. With XP so near support EOL I had hoped it wouldn't be too much of a bother to get one or two files here. Best regards.
  5. Could someone post the XP file-checker here for me to download? Despite multiple attempts over many days I am unable to access Mim0's site now, whether starting from hfslip.tk or going directly to the altervista address. It's as though the addresses are being blocked, but I have no evidence of that. Thanks in advance.

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