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  1. Okay- I have installed NET 1.1 and the sp1 affiliated with it. I have installed the roll ups as required. I started a burn project, and was given the choice of burning a video DVD...the conversion began but extremely slowly. after about 3 hours it seemed hung at 3%. Any suggestions? ETA: I've gone back and uninstalled the sonic encoder, uninstalled my Roxio/Sonic MyDVD software, reinstalled the Sonic encoders and attempted to burn again. ETA: No change. Now what?
  2. Recently my 5 year old HP Media Centre computer crashed- fried motherboard. So I got a new computer build, and on this new computer, they were able to transfer my XP Media centre license. But now I am having problems. Note: The present system came with SP3 already installed. At first I couldn't burn a dvd from the recorded tv files. It would burn the files, but not convert them into a dvd. When attempting to burn the files, it would not give me an option to burn a video DVD. It just began to burn straight to the disc after selecting the files. I had Nero installed as a burning software, and I found out that Sonic MyDVD software that came with the HP edition plugs itself into the MC to burn. So I uninstalled Nero and reinstalled an old copy of Sonic(now Roxio) My DVD Premiere 8. Then I found out that HP had a Sonic encoder install - I found that and installed it. Now I could choose which kind of disc to burn. Only now I got an unsupported file type, or the files are not on the PC error instead. So I did some more digging, and found that there was a MCE rollup that could be installed. 2 inf act. So- I downloaded them and went to install the first one. But now- it says I must install a Net framework 1.1 update, in order to install this rollup. Only- if I have SP3...wouldn't I already have the framework update? So after about 5 hours of trying to fix this problem tonight alone...and several previous days of searching..I am asking for anyone who can help me. I remember after a problem a couple of years ago I had all sorts of adventures reinstalling the media centre and updating it. I figure this is more of the same, but I don't want to continue if I am going to screw up the present install, even if it won't let me do the simple thing of burning recorded tv to disc. Can anyone help?

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