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  1. Post #104 jIf ISO image is not found after first reboot, then add hivesys.inf settings from Post #58 Can be a BIOS issue still. Do you use a secret hardware? It's not secret hardware, it's a LENOVO THINKCENTER 1578N9G. Everything worked perfectly when I pressed F6 to load firadisk, I tried integrating it, and it just gave me an error to insert Windows XP Professional SP3 disk into Drive A, so I think i'll stick with the F6 method for now
  2. Remembers to a BIOS issue. Which hardware do you use? Which windows files do you use? Do you use a original or a edited version? Any parts removed? Do you use a file winnt.sif? Try double virtual floppy disk. title Setup Windows XP from ISO \n1: simple case, unfriendly BIOS \ntry this 2nd set dir=/images set myISO=%dir%/XP_RAM.ISO echo %myISO% set fdIMA=%dir%/XP_INST.ima cat --length=0 %myISO% > nul || find --set-root --devices=hf %myISO% map %myISO% (222) map --mem %fdIMA% (fd1) map --mem %fdIMA% (fd0) map --hook > nul #use original firadisk.inf #cat --number=1 --locatei="firaedit.inf" --replace="firadisk.inf" (fd1)/TXTSETUP.OEM > nul #chenall's ntboot cat --locate=###### --number=1 (fd1)/TXTSETUP.OEM > nul || call :error %fdIMA% file error.. set offset=%?% set fira.opt=cdrom,vmem=find:%myISO%; write --offset=%offset% (fd1)/TXTSETUP.OEM value=Parameters,StartOptions,REG_SZ,"%fira.opt%"\r\n; cat --skip=%offset% --locate=/ --replace=\\ (fd1)/TXTSETUP.OEM dd if=(fd1) of=(fd0) command (fd1)/grub4dos/shifthd.bat root (222) chainloader /I386/SETUPLDR.BIN Because I used BTS's DriverPacks, I had OEMPreinstall =YES in my winnt.sif. I set that to no, and loaded the firadisk driver using F6, and it worked like a charm!! Is there anyway to either intergrate Firadisk into textmode, or force the system to load it from the virtual floppy without needing to press F6?
  3. Tried out this method, I get to the textmode partition screen, I can select the device to install to, it get's formatted, and then setup pops up an error saying it can't find firadisk.sys, and various other files from the XP_INST.gz file. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Hi all, hope someone can help me on this. In the school I work in, we have a share called Postbox on our AD server (Server 2008 R2). This folder is used by Teachers to create a space for students to dump in answer files for exams, etc. What I'm trying to do is set it up so that Administrators and Teachers groups have full control, and that people from PLC Students and Post Primary Students can add files to Postbox (into whatever folder the teacher creates), but once added they cannot modify those files, and also, cannot view files by other members of the PLC Students or Post Primary Students group, so essentially it will look like they are the only student to submit a file to postbox for marking. I've been fighting with NTFS permissions for two days now, and I haven't been able to come up with a suitable set for PLC Students and Post Primary Students to restrict them as I've detailed above, any help or direction would be great. If anyone needs any more detail to be able to understand and/or aid with this problem, feel free to shout, and I'll give what detail I can!! EDIT: A somewhat visual aid: Postbox -> Teacher A -> Class 1A -> Exam XX -> Student 1.txt -> Student 2.txt -> Student 3.txt -> Class 2B -> Exam XX -> Student 4.txt -> Teacher B -> Class 3C -> Exam XX -> Student 5.txt -> Student 6.txt -> Class 4D -> Exam XX -> Student 7.txt Basically, Teachers can see all files, Student 1 can only see folders + his/her own files only, Student 2 can see folders and his/her own files only, etc