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Status Updates posted by ppgrainbow

  1. The current goal of $183 is almost reached. Just need $8 to meet the goal to keep MSFN online through at least 2018. :)

  2. MSFN is $78 away from reaching its goal to continue keeping the site online!

    Keep it up! :D

  3. It looks like $58 is needed to try to keep MSFN online as much as possible...

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    2. ppgrainbow


      Yep! The staff at MSFN is trying to come up with a solution. If the donation is at least twice the $183 goal ($366), the site would last even longer! :)

    3. Tommy


      I totally hope we can make this happen. Appears MSFN means a lot to quite a few folks around here.

    4. ppgrainbow


      I sure hope so! :)

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