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  1. luckied

    Some confusion

    Hi Tomasz86! Thanks for such a quick reply. Yes, I am using it for a server and therefore stability and reliability is the number 1 & 2 concerns. So, you answer your questions: I was thinking of going the direction of: W2K SP4 > UR1 (official) > updates The thing is, I'd really not want to have to manually download all 400+ updates unless a program like Autopatcher will do it for me? And the only reason why I was considering USP 5.1 was because it included IE 6, OE6 natively, which I hear is rather complicated if you attempt to do it on your own. Lastly, other than Bristol's list; where can I find out a list of all post-SP4/UR1 updates? I'm mostly thinking of the ones which are unofficial... Thanks, -D P.S No advice of FW/AV for 2k?
  2. luckied

    Some confusion

    Hello guys, I know this forum is quite old now but I'm still running 2000 as my home/small business server (WAY cheaper than 2k03/2k08) and all is well. However, I'm thinking of reinstalling my DC with a slipstreamed version but this is where things get confusing. I already have a copy of Server 2000 slipstreamed with SP4. What I would like to know is which of the following I should include (and in which correct order so as not to have duplicated/old files updating newer ones, etc.) Update Rollup 1 USP 5.1 (Is work on USP 5.2 dead since the G man left? RIP) Update Rollup 2.1 (Is work still being done or should I simply use UR2? @tomaz86) any other relevant HF's or HBR's? I'd like (but not require) IE6/MDAC2.8SP1/WS5.6 My server is heavily guarded and only accessible to locan LAN users. I am also looking for a software firewall/AV if any still work on the server version. Any advice would be most appreciated! -D P.S This is my first post so please, don't be too critical
  3. Hey Guys (and gals)! I've browsed these forums and followed many articles from MSFN for years (especially the slipstreaming guides..) But now it's time to give back and become a member of the family! I'm 21 years old, a father and have always been a geek (I love Cisco & networking most!!!) I presently work in telecom and am working on getting CCNP certified. Since I work nights, sometimes it gets slow so I'd love to contribute in any way I can PM me to learn more about me, -D
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