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  1. The Solution for Seagate 7200.11 HDDs

    Hi all, well I guess I have a different problem to most of all the other affected ones. Maybe someone can help me. I bought a HDD some time ago (ST31000333AS, Firmware: CC4H) which has been working pretty well for the last almost 1.5 years. Two weeks ago, my computer all of a sudden wasn't able to recognize the HDD. Although it appears in the BIOS, the S.M.A.R.T test is showing some kind of mistake and there is no way to get an error code from it or with Seatools. Once the computer is turned on, you cannot see it in the explorer. It only appears as a drive in the device manager, bit as three partitions which are not readable. I have tried a lot of things (changing the ports, using it with an extrernal-USB-Adapter) and then I stumbled upon the thread - nice work by the way - and I started reading most of all replies. And first I thought that it's maybe the LBA-error, but I'm not quite sure. And I hven't found anyone posting something similar. Apart from that my attempt to conncet via serial port hasn't worked so far, because I don't manage to get a connection. The loopback test works, but once I connect, nothing happens when I press Ctrl-Z. Anyhow, my question is more about if there's anybody with a similar problem? I admit not having read all replies but I think most of them. And I have used the search function without any success. But I will keep on searching ...