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  1. Hi! I bought a new PC with a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD4 motherboard. I need install Windows XP 32 bits in a SSD connected in Marvell 88SE9172 and I have the right drivers for AHCI 32 bits. But these drivers needs loads 2 driver in a specific order. First need a" Marvell shared library (install first)" (The install first message are included in the name). And the second driver is "Marvell 91xx SATA Controller 32bit driver" (the name does not include the word AHCI but I extracted these driver from BootDrv\Marvell\AHCI\Floppy32 folder). The problem is: If I integrate in nLite the 2 drivers, later Windows Installation only load the first driver, and if I only integrate the second driver, I got the 0x07B error, same when only use the first driver. I need load the 2 drivers in a specific order and nLite only loads one when I integrate the 2 drivers. I don't have a USB floppy drive and the motherboard does'nt have a floppy connector. PD: I always load drivers into nLite with the Multiple driver folder and select 2 driver (with CTRL key). Thanks! Copy/Paste from motherboard manual: - Insert the floppy disk containing the SATA AHCI driver and press <Enter>. Both of the Marvell shared library (install first) and Marvell 91xx SATA Controller 32bit driver need to be installed. First select Marvell shared library for 32bits (install first) and press <Enter>. On next screen, press <S> to return to the screen, then select Marvell 91xx SATA Controller 32bit driver and press <Enter>. When both of the two drivers appear on the confirmation screen, press <Enter> to continue the Windows installation.

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