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  1. Glad you managed to fix it Only strange thing is the ST31000340NS is an ES.2 and NOT a 7200.11 which is suppose to use a slightly different procedure Link to ES.2 fix: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/129551-unlocking-terminal-of-seagate-es2-in-bsyled000000cc-state/page__p__833568#entry833568 Indeed ? My drive showed none of the problems Jonmars method got around so I went directly to the main 7200.11 method. I figured since the command sequence is identical I would give it a shot. Happily it worked perfectly. Last night I cloned the Seagate to a WD1001FALS (1 tb Western digital Black Ed') and all is well right now. Oddly though I did encounter a small problem. I had Seagates firmware update burned to CD for this drive which I tried to apply before the clone and it refused. It was crazy ! Stating that the wrong drive was found ST31000340NS. Drive expected ST31000340NS. Wha ??? Did the bsy fix do that ? (Before you ask, both my kids PC have the SAME drives in there which I previously updated the firmware on). Anyway, I went ahead with the clone and since it was successful the Seagate is now in the trashcan so I don't care. Just happy this whole episode is over. All our childrens pics and video footage returned and now backed up. I've been a Seagate fan for quite a few years, I switched from Western digital after a series of premature failures on their stuff. Now I find myself migrating back to WD praying they have their act together on the Black series. Jeez guys ! What and who in the heck can we trust our data to any more ? I read that SSD has higher failure rates than traditional drives ! Lord help us all.. Just for the record here's my affected drives numbers. Serial Number: 9QJ1YV59 Model Number: ST31000340NS Part: 9CA158-271 Firmware: RS01 Date code: 09086 Site code: KRATSG
  2. Another successful recovery !! ST31000340NS Firmware-RS01 After carefully familiarizing myself with the procedures and hardware options I went the USB CA-42 Nokia cable route. (Cheap Thailand version with 5 internal wires) I spent about an hour in total, making up the cable and setting up a secondary PSU etc. It all worked perfectly. After the initial setup and connections I had the drive unbricked in mere minutes. If you want a video tutorial of the correct method using the above hardware then you can't go wrong watching this guy.. His video is directly based on this threads teachings and gives credit as such. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg-yVfD55tY&NR=1 Just have your head full of this thread's tutorials cause he has a heavy Lancashire, UK accent and takes a couple of things for granted. So with all that behind me now I'm extremely grateful to all those who made this recovery possible. A heartfelt thanks for all the research and untold hours of your lives dedicated to a great deed and a job well done. If I sound a bit melodramatic then, well, perhaps, but the drive I unbricked was from my wife's PC carrying all the pictures of our children since birth. Like an a** I trusted a brand new so-called Enterprise class Seagate 1tb drive. Backups ? Yeah, like most of us.. Tomorrow, tomorrow. So now I have it backed up OK !!? So once again, to all those who made this possible. THANK YOU !! To those just setting out to unbrick their drives. Do just like you're told. Best of luck. It works.