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  1. My 2 cents i reported that cause Mimo's latests file-checker asking me for this update.
  2. i noticed KB951830 replaced by KB2892734 - KB951830 : ipnathlp.dll v5.1.2600.5584- KB2892734 : ipnathlp.dll v5.1.2600.6454
  3. I do use include and have no problems. BTW. do you install any third party software? Have you checked the startup line with Autoruns? it was a vanilla WinXP SP3 updated with the latest Mim0's file-checker, nothing in the autorun or anywhere. Like said Mim0, you have to copy KB961742-v3 to HFSVCPACK_SW1 directory, not HF.
  4. Be aware, i realized some tests on a VM, when you move KB961742-v3 to HFSVCPACK_SW1, at the first startup of windows when you logon, the my documents window open up. And each time you logon this window appears... This KB is definitely strange. A solution is to make a cab in HFGUIRUNONCE to install silently at first logon. Like Mim0 said, if you don't use WinXP on a VM under Win 7, don't use it
  5. Thanks to both of you. i will wait for KB961742-v3
  6. Hi Mim0, i noticed that HFSLIP didn't slipstream some optional KB during the process: For KB967715, it was replaced by KB2483185 (shell32.dll) For KB961742-v3, the only way to slipstream this KB is to move it to the HFSVCPACK_SW1 directory. For KB2524375 & KB2562937 (replaces KB2508272) no idea about what doing... Thanks for your hard work.

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