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  1. i should have explained it better that is my fault it is not a school project i promise especially since to day is the last day for the semester it is a project my supervisor gave me to work on as a student worker to do for him
  2. it is actually a school project that i was given and as far as i can tell someone form the school wrote the web page in asp as far as i can tell sine i see a lot of files in in .asp
  3. hear is my problem i was given the task to update some information on a kiosk the information is all web based i know this since it is running Internet explorer my other problem is that i know nothing about programing so i thaught i would reach out to see if someone could help point me in the right direction to get this solved
  4. i know they have thoes but what i am looking for is one that goes from HDMI to vga and also HDMI to composite which is the yellow connect and i would lke it to be in one box not two
  5. i do not know if this is possible my issue is that i just got a ultra book and it only has a HDMI port what i want to do is go from hdmi to VGA and hdmi to composite i would like this to be in one box. i have looked and i can not find any product that does this any help would be nice
  6. i am not sure if this is possible but what i want to do is to be able to have a program that will download the latest version of commonaly installed software to make a computer work such as adobe flash, Java and other like them as well but what i want it to be able to do a silent install of the downloaded programs in a batch type of setup
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