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  1. Fernando, I will do some comparing. Which program do you all recommend for running tests on ssd? Also, just confirming that all I have to do is -> rollback driver to switch back to the MS driver? Thank you, sdubs
  2. Fernando, Since the MS AHCI driver will still be available for the OS and can easily be reinstalled from within the Device Manager, it will not be risky at all. If I want/need to go back to MS AHCI drivers; all I have to do is go to->properties->drivers-> roll back driver?• I downloaded the driver you posted. • Went to device manager->IDE ATA/ ATAPT controllers-> Standard AHCI1.0 Serial ATA Controller->properties-> driver-> update driver-> browse my computer ->let me pick-> pointed to drivers. • This is the new screen of device manager (notice that "Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller" is missing now) Does this look right? Why are there now only "ATA Channel 0 & ATA Channel 1" You are pretty sure these drivers do not support TRIM? Because from what I am learning it is moderately important to have trim active. Let me know what you think. Thank you, sdubs
  3. Fernando, Thank you for clearing that up. So, you are recommending going with the amd driver over the windows one? Also, can you believe that I found this thread because I read somewhere that in order to get a ssd to run in ahci on a windows7 upgrade, I had to first get my XP machine to load the ahci drivers so that when win7 loaded it would see the drivers and install them. If no ahci in XP then no ahci in 7. I also thought I needed to Slipstream XP with sp3 so that I could load drivers manually @ install, hence, why I am here on the Nlite thread. So, I've learned a lot from coming here: I had not used nlite before, never slipstreamed a disk or iso'd an os, and didn't know anything about textmode drivers. As you remember Fernando, from my first post how I detailed everything I did: made a disk, enabled ahci in BIOS, booted up disk....etc. I did this a few times... deleting partitions and starting over again. Yet all it took was for Fernando to point me to the upgrade workaround and that pretty much did it! So, all on all I learned something here and have a better running machine. I don't have much to offer in return, and I find it hard to believe there are no serious burns for the noob on here. Thank you Fernando!! It looks like you have helped countless on this thread! So, which drivers?
  4. Fernando, I think I will just use the windows driver as it supports trim, as you suggested, therefore I don't need to update or install any drivers because windows installed the MSAHCI.SYS driver automatically when I installed OS. Correct? Also, about the driver that you uploaded: does it support win7 64bit and SB8xx? Yes, that is the exact procedure (even easier: right click onto the "Stanard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller" > "Update Driver Soiftware") I doubt, that the AMD driver v3.2.1540.24 of your MB CD will work with Windows 7 (all AMD AHCI drivers named ahcix86.sys are only designed for Windows XP). So it is better to take the actual AMD AHCI driver set 11.8 or - if available very soon - 11.9.Alternatively you may try >this< small driver pack containing the actual AMD SB7xx AHCI driver v1.2.1.0296 for Windows 7 (32bit) dated 04/15/2011 I have just uploaded for you. Additional tip: It might be possible, that the generic MS AHCI driver named MSAHCI.SYS is the best choice for managing your SSD, because this driver definitively does support the TRIM command, which will automaticly clean the SSD, whereas this function is not clear with the AMD AHCI drivers That is why I recommend to find out yourself, which of both AHCI drivers is the best choice for your special system. You can easily change the AHCI driver without installing anything new: Do a right click onto the AHCI Controller > "Update Driver Software" > "Browse my Computer" > let it show all compatible devices > choose the AHCI Controller you want (MS AHCI or AMD AHCI). After the next reboot the OS will automaticly use the related AHCI driver from Microsoft or AMD. This way you can easily compare them both, for example by running a benchmark test like AS SSD.. Regards Fernando Thanks again, sdubs
  5. Fernando! thank you ! At last. Finally I've reached AHCI mode--the promised land for my ssd (I hope). Windows 7 will never install a wrong driver unless you force the installation despite all warnings. O.K. So I go to device manager->IDE ATA/ ATAPT controllers-> Standard AHCI1.0 Serial ATA Controller->properties-> driver-> update driver-> browse my computer -> and point to the ahci drivers from my MB disk or if I want the downloaded drivers from AMD? Which drivers do you recommend the 3.2.1540.24 (from MB) or the 11.8 or whatever form the AMD site? or something else? I am on the right track with this?--> (Point to the driver and update driver?) I hope you are enjoying your holiday. Regards, sdubs
  6. Fernando! I just want to be sure i'll be installing the correct drivers: what kind of file should I be looking for on the Asus drivers disk that indicates its a win7 driver for ahci? Is there any way to verify the ssd is running in ahci mode? Well then it looks like I am almost set thanks to you! I really appreciate your time and efforts. I am not sure anyone else here would have the patience.
  7. Fernando, Thanks for taking a look at the mb manual and getting me headed in the right direction! Here is where I am with this: I connected to (sata 1) The rom drive to sata 5. like you recommended. I followed the instructions to install and activate win7 upgrade with out first installing xp. It worked, first try! Here's the good: Here's the bad: Patriot IDE -->, Missing Sata 1-4 again So, according to your previous post I have the settings correct, I did the install, and now I need to replace the windows ahci drivers with AMD drivers. new hardware id\'s.txt What I need to do next is install the correct drivers. Can I use the ones that came with the MB disk? or do I find the drivers at the ASUS site? or AMD site? **Also, in an unrelated question: any idea why I am getting a "Disk I/O Error" when I have a usb drive installed when rebooting? I am also getting this message when I boot: I think that's it Fernando, let me know what you think! I'm almost there (I think) Regards, sdubs
  8. Fernando, Thanks again for the input. You've been very patient with someone who is obviously not well versed in this. I feel embarrassed posting here knowing everyone can see my noobness. Oh well. I am learning a lot here. Anyway, So what you are basically telling me is that all of my efforts so far have been useless because: 1). I have my ssd connected to the wrong sata port. 2). Because even if I did figure out what drivers to install, it may all have been for nothing because of the xp-win7upgrade issue. I will be connecting my ssd to the port "sata 1" (that is going to be the AMD SATA PORT right?) **When I posted the hardware id's it was connected to sata1 already!!** -- Last night after my post I disconnected from sata1 and connected to sata 5 or 6 because I thought that was the amd sb850 port, when I read your post about the Jmicron Hardware ID's I went back in to device ID to see if it had changed because I connected to new port 6 ---- it has the same hardware ID's as sata 1 I dont understand this. Will you take a look at my MB manual and confirm which port to run my ssd from before/when I do the new win7 install trick/workaround you suggested above? Link to MB Manual http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3/M4A89GTD_PROUSB3/#download pages 20 (or 2-1, 2.2.2), 49 (or section 2-31), 73 (or 3.4.2) I am not understanding how you can tell the difference between the JMicron post and the AMD one (if there is such a thing going on here). And I also don't understand if I need to integrate new drivers (or which one) into a nlite install disk for win7. You've been a great help, regards, sdubs
  9. Fernando, Yes I'll be making a new xp disk with files saved on c. It appears that the ssd is not connected directly to the sb (from what I can see and based off of the manual) hardware id's no idea how to read these or interpret if they are correct. So this is what I am going to do next: • Make a new disk with your modded drivers with nlite. • reformat drive to install os (again) • Reconnect ssd to sata port 5 or 6 (from what I can figure this is where) • reboot Other thoughts? Also, will I need to install any of the drivers that came with my MB disk in addition to yours or does the one you modded replace these?--there are AMD and jmicron drivers available. and thank you for being patient with me here ans responding, Sdubs
  10. Thank You for your response. It appears I'm not having any luck with this. I installed the OS from the disk I made and no luck. I also had to reformat my ssd ( wasn't sure if I should have done that.) I appreciate the response. It was not a good idea to copy the XP source and the driver onto the desktop (the path is too long for the nLite processing and this may produce problems). Advice: If you want to create a Windows XPCD with integrated SATA AHCI driver, you should create separate folders like "XPCD" and "AMD SATA driver" within the root of the system partition (drive C). Not sure what you mean or how to do this? Additional question: Are you sure, that your SSD is connected with an AMD Southbridge SATA Controller? Please let us know your system details (name and manufacturer of the mainboard). Mainboard is ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 No, unfortunately I am not sure and am not sure how to be sure that I am. Can you advise on how to do this? Should I have also installed the drivers that are available on the MB disk? On this disk there are ASUS AMD AHCI drivers and raid drivers. Also, JMicron Drivers for ahci and raid. What are these? and do I need to also install these drivers in addition to your modded ones? Regards
  11. Hello, It appears I am just not getting this. Could use some assistance. I want to run Win7 64 bit from an upgrade disk -- from XP. So, I have to install the nlite xp w/fernando's mod and then upgrade with win7 disk. I am not running raid and only want my ssd to run in ahci. Here's what I've done so far. (Please excuse the excessive details.) • MY XP disk already has sp3. • Saved xp files to ssd desktop -- • Downloaded Fernando's most recent modded drivers • Saved modded files in folder on desktop • Initiated NLite • Selected desktop xp location • Task selection • Integrate drivers. • Create ISO • Restart-> BIOS -> Config AHCI from IDE mode. Change boot order to ROM drive. • Restart -> Insert ISO Disk • Boot up • Shows initiating AMD AHCI version 3.0.9 (didn't catch exact version) ..... • JMicro something or other no drives found... • No Bootable device. restart or insert media and hit key Its obvious I'm new here and at working on this sort of thing. Does anyone know why xp sp3 isn't recognizing ahci mode upon first install on ssd? (I set achi mode in bios before installing OS) *I am also running win7 while creating this disk in NLite (if that matters) Thoughts? Thank You