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  1. DPC LAN related?

    Well I appreciate your help either way. I don't think this is an issue that is based on usenet. The issue is there even d/ling from microsoft, c/net, etc... I understand why you are annoyed with what I have posted, but don't feel that you should base this problem on me using usenet, since it is not the base of the problem. Like I said, I do appreciate your help, and will look into a new NIC. Thank you for your help.
  2. DPC LAN related?

    Not quite the answer I was looking for, lol. This has not always been a problem with newsleecher or Firefox. IT has become a recent issue about a week ago. I have had my usenet account for approx 3 years. If I am going to get reprimanded for how I use my computer occasionally, then I suppose I should look elsewhere for help. I was just hoping this would be a great place to find help and fix my issues. Maybe I am missing the help being posted. I am unclear as to what "DPCs are sued if you transfer data with network." means. I will say I do not discourage anyone from saying to be lawful. I would find it pointless to have a 40meg connection and near 6TB of space, for web browsing and saving pictures.
  3. DPC LAN related?

    Redirecting from I have updated all the drivers I could find, I have updated, Realtek, Nvidia, MSI, ASUS. A few mobo drivers, audio, video, LAN, Controllers. Still have the problem, will now post previous etl file and a new one.
  4. Install the Windows Performance Tool Kit (WPT)

    I am installing the 7.046, in hopes that this fixes my error. Though one question to this is, that I also have a belkin usb wi-n and with the realtek driver disabled was still having the same error, so thinking this will not fix my problem, will post soon enough though I still have the same problem, so this is not the source of it. Redirected to:
  5. Install the Windows Performance Tool Kit (WPT)

    AM having a network related DPC I recorded 2 files, but forgot to change the name on the second, so thinking both of these might be the same, here is my link, and seems to be with newzleecher bad, and firefox minor, though newsleecher sees 4.4MB/s, though sometimes 2.5-3.5 with DPC's, and firefox was only d/ling at 850KB/s-1.2MB/s. I have updated my Realtek drivers for NIC. I can list other performance tests, and monitors. Seems the trouble spawned while using MSI updater and AISuiteII updater. If I try to use AISuiteII updater I get a ASupio.sys BSOD, so haven't been using it. But seems that somehow from these updaters, I now have the mass CPU usage from d/ling. I really only see about 60%(newsleecher) and 40%(firefox). I have asus m599x evo(MB) AMD Phenom X4 805 OC'd to 3.26, and 16GB Corsair LP Vengeance 12800 @ 1732. MSI GTX550Ti VGU, and realtek OB NIC