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  1. what do I need for drivers?

    Thanks for the information. I was planning on slipstreaming all of my drivers, but I guess I can just run the installer apps after install if you think it is more trouble than it is worth to pre-load them. I am running an SSD and need AHCI. In fact, I am moving to a larger SSD and taking the opportunity to reinstall.LMHmedchem
  2. what do I need for drivers?

    I need to slipstream some drivers into my nlite, AHCI in particular, but I not sure what exactly I need to add to the nlite directory. I have allot of .exe installers for my motherboard (sound card, Intel matrix storage manager, network drivers, sub drivers), etc, but it doesn't look like I should be putting the IATA88ENU.exe AHCI installer into the nlite folder to have it included. Can I just copy my C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers folder, or what do I do here?? Suggestions would be appreciated. LMHmedchem
  3. Where to download XP updates?

    Thanks again for setting this up, I can't believe how hard it is to find things on the MS site these days. LMHmedchem
  4. Where to download XP updates?

    Thanks for the tip, will these files get me up to date? My installer CD is a bit old (2009). It is sp3, but I generally need to do allot of updates after I reinstall. Is there anything that is not covered by the files on this page? LMHmedchem
  5. Where to download XP updates?

    A while ago I set up an nlite for my XP and I remember going to the windows update site. There was a place that listed all of the updates for XP and I was able to download the ones I wanted. It took forever, since I seem to remember ie acting funny and having to do some of the basic steps over and over again. I remember it was actually much easier to do the download in firefox. At the moment, I can't find anywhere on the Microsoft site where I can manually download updates. Has the site changed, or am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks, LMHmedchem
  6. problem with WAIK

    Ahh, I figured it was something of that kind. I have installed the vista AIK and have it working. When I applied the changes to the install, there was an error during the process that said something like, "could not find the file specified". The process completed and I created an iso, but now I am not confident that the iso is error free. Is this something I can safely ignore, or do I have to go back and find out what I did wrong. Also, is there a link for how to burn the iso onto a USB 3.0 flash stick, or won't that work? I guess I would have to slipstream in the USB 3.0 drivers, unless win7 already has them. Nothing to do with vlite, but the menu under my username is permanently dropped down, so I have this black box covering the upper left of the web site. I'm not sure what can be done, but I thought I would report it. I use seamonkey 2.2 if anyone cares. LMHmedechem I forgot this step, I guess that is part of the issue. copy to vLite\wimfltr\x64, etc wimfltr.sys wimfltr.inf
  7. problem with WAIK

    Why is the 32-bit version of vlite installed when this is a 64 bit system? There was only one vlite installer to download. Should I install the 32bit version of the AIK instead of the x64 version? The AIK has both x86 and x64 versions of the dll and I have tried copying both versions into the vlite directory without any change. There is a version of wimgapi.dll in the vlite directory. My understanding is that this is copped from the AIK directory, so it mus have found something. This should be a straightforward process, so I must have messed up something in the install.Can someone link me to the exact version of the AIK, .net, and the vlite installer to install on win7 x64 enterprise so I can try again. Everyone else doesn't seem to have this issue, so there must be something wrong with my local config. LMHmedchem
  8. problem with WAIK

    I have installed vlite on a win& 64 bit enterprise box and I can't get it to start. The WAIK is installed and vlite has copied wimgapi.dll to the vlite directory, but vlite still prompts me to install the AIK. One thing odd is that vlite is in the x86 program files directory. I would have expected it to be in the other directory on an x64 box. I don't know which version of the .dll file is in the vlite directory. I have installed and uninstalled vlite, restarted, etc, but no change. Any suggestions on what to do? LMHmedchem