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  1. ok i've somehow installed it disabling ahci mode but now i'm trying to install ahci drivers and convert back to ahci mode.
  2. when i try to install xp x64 (msdn release with sp2 + nlite integrated ahci drivers) I get 7b blue screen just after "setup is starting windows" phase in text mode (before the licence agreement or disk selection). ı tried changing sata mode to ide (from ahci) but it didn't work either. how can i install it? (i'm sure i've selected right drivers but i don't know if i have to select also another driver than ich9m-e ahci driver) machine: intel pm45 chipset / ich9m controller 4 gb ddr2 ram intel core 2 duo t9600
  3. i've installed it on new installed 2000 server and it installed ok. thanks for your hard work!
  4. another issue: sfc /scannow seems to overwrite some updated files. i've exported the event log. sfc.txt
  5. it also didn't work, (same error) and i did this: 1. change nsum.exe, wms\nsum.exe to nsum.exe 2. copy nsum.exe from wms to outside now it installs ok. thanks.
  6. I've replaced the update.inf and now it says nsum.exe is missing.
  7. hi, i am trying to install v3 on windows 2000 server with sp4 but it fails complaining "the file update\kb976323.cat missing" and cancels setup. this is pristine windows 2000 server with sp4 install.
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