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  1. Integrating .NET Framework Issue

    So far, I have been able to successfully slipstream virtually all updates into Windows XP using nLite without a problem. However, whenever I try to integrate anything involving .NET Framework, I'm prompted with a message saying that a switch (e.g. /a, /u, etc.) is required, OR the update package just targets the host computer. Is there a known way to get around this?? Also, the following I have not beeb able to slpistream either: 890830 - Win. Mal. Removal Tool - [current month] 931125 - Update for Root Certificate - [current month] Any help/ info would be greatly appreciated! I've been having the exact same problem with vLite and 7Lite, too. Thank you!
  2. Issue with Slpistreaming after SP2

    I have a copy of Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 already slipstreamed into it. This is an unalterred version sent to me on DVD straight from Microsoft. When I try to install this copy of Vista as-is, all is fine. However, even if I slipstream/integrate even one small KB update into the installation files, the OS installation freezs during the last part of setup. It hangs on "Installing Updates, Part 3 of 3, 100%" for about 45 minutes, and then "Updates Unsuccessful, Reverting Changes" for about anotehr hour. Does anybody have any idea what is causing this??? I really hope to find a solution, because although SP2 is already present, it lacks IE9 or even IE8. I've been using Vlite for about a year now, and despite hours of meddling, am still unable to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated! B)