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  1. Hi Gora, I had posted a question on the previous page (13) about getting the return code of an executable run by 7zSfx. I've downloaded, modified and compiled the source, but I've run into a problem linking to msvcrt.dll. Your official released version of 7zSfx links to msvcrt.dll and not to any of the VC++ version specific MSVCrt DLL files (eg, msvcr100.dll). This is good, as it means that machines don't need to have a specific version of the VC++ Redistributable installed for 7zSfx to work on them. I want to replicate this behavior, which does not appear to be the standard for VC++ setups. F
  2. Thanks Gora! Unfortunately Altiris just uses the return code, I can't get it to check the contents of a file. I might download the source from SVN and modify it for my own purposes to capture and report the internal executable's return code. Cheers, John
  3. Hi guys, Is it possible to get 7zSfx to exit with the same return code as an executable it runs? For example, say I have a 7zSfx archive, with a file called setup.exe inside it, and the archive is configured to run setup.exe using RunProgram. If setup.exe exited with return code 1, is there a way to get the 7zSfx executable to also exit with return code 1? I am pushing out a 7zSfx compressed installer to some machines using Altiris, and Altiris uses the return code to detect if the installer completed successfully. Right now it's always receiving return code 0 from the 7zSfx executable, even i
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