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  1. Tried all the cleaning processes, no good. I can't get the drive to spin up, all i hear is some noises like it is trying to get to speed but no luck! Is it ok to skip this step?
  2. Thanks for your quick reply, but i got no error durring the processe, i just get nothing after the spinning down!if i had an issue with the contacts, should'n i have any error message before?
  3. Hi there! I'm really stuck! I tried the guide with a usb to TTL, i got the adapter to work (through the loopback test) i connected my ST3500320AS with the adapter terminal is working ok, i got the Z (spin down command) working ok BUT when i remove the card and press the U command nothing happens! I tried with the card and i also tried removing the pcb, then connect again to run the U command but same resolt, Nothng! Can anyone help me?
  4. Thank you for your time! As soon as I have a result, I will post back!
  5. Thank you! I have read the read-me-first and these were the parts I needed to clear out. I will connect the hdd to my pc power unit so I don't have to gnd the hdd and the USB-ttl if I got it right. I will order and come back if need anything. Thank you for your time!
  6. So let me get it straight, if I order this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/USB-To-TTL-6-pin-Module-cp2102-arm9-max232-max2332-box_W0QQitemZ370386069604QQcategoryZ162QQvarZQQcmdZViewItem I have only to connect the rx and tx and gnd with my Sata and follow the commands in the Hyperterminal? Or am I missing something?
  7. Hi! Since I'm having trouble with my 500gb st3500320as drive and my pc is rather new, can I use the parallel Port instead of a serial port? I started reading the forum but it is too long. Thank you!