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  1. We are a small non-profit running Server 2008 R2 & Exchange 2010 at our main office using vSphere. We may have to open a satellite office across town, so I'm wondering what kind of server I should get. There would be 15-20 users at the satellite. Would something like this suffice? PowerEdge T310 PowerEdge T310 Chassis with upto 4 Cabled Hard Drives and Quad Pack LED Diagnostics edit Processor Intel® Xeon® X3430, 2.4 GHz, 8M Cache, Turbo edit Memory 8GB Memory (4x2GB), 1333MHz Single Ranked UDIMM edit Operating System No Operating System edit Enterprise Software Licensing None edit Secondary OS None edit OS Media kits None edit Enabled Virtualization None edit Internal Controller PERC S300 3Gb/s SAS/SATA Internal Software RAID adaptor edit Hard Drive Configuration Add-in PERC S300 (SAS/SATA Controller) supporting 3-4 Hard Drives – RAID 5 edit Hard Drives (Multi-Select) 500GB 7.2K RPM SATA 3.5in Cabled Hard Drive edit External Controller None edit Power Supply Power Supply, Non-Redundant, 375W edit OS Partitions None and another Cisco ASA 5505 security appliance & a 48 port switch. Am I forgetting anything? OS licensing is not an issue as we get charity prices for MS software-$8 for Win 7, about $150 for Server 2008 R2 for example. Any input is greatly appreciated!