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  1. Hi everyone, I have a peculiar problem. I have a windows xp sp3 machine. It is on our company domain. The domain is managed by our operations center. This machine is creating problems downloading mails via our official mail client. So i thought to upgrade xp by running sp3 patch which i had downloaded. But i was unable to run the patch. I am getting an error that says insufficient priviledges contact your system administrator. I was logged in to the administrator account. Also while installing other software i get the same error. What could be the problem. Some other machines are unable to download attachments sent via mail.
  2. Hi, I have installed internet explorer 9 64bit on my server 2008 machine. Now i want to uninstall it and install google chrome. In fact I have already installed google chrome. I just want to uninstall ie 9 x64. I have tried from control panel-programs and features- view installed updates. It is not showing there. How do i proceed. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, how do u I install Hyper V in x64 bit server 2008.
  4. I checked the file sizes of individual folders on C drive. It adds to 11GB approx. Also I have no huge softwares installed.
  5. My NTFS partition on C drive where I have installed OS Windows Server 2008 shows low disk space even when I have not installed much programs. When I checked the properties of individual folders they add up to mere 11 GB. My drive is partitioned at 45 GB. So why this error. I have used Disk clean up utility built in to windows. It could free merely 2.5 GB.Now I am unable to install any programs.
  6. Hi , I have windows server 2008 installed. I want to play an video in internet explorer. But the file does not play. I have installed all the codecs and also media player. When I log in as an Administrator video plays fine. The problem is when I log in as a limited user Internet explorer is unable to play files. Why?
  7. thanks a lot. I have formatted and installed a fresh copy of windows server 2008.
  8. Yes even I think that. So is it possible to upgrade it to server 2008 sp2 an if yes how?
  9. Hi, I have windows server 2008 first release installed on my computer. I downloaded sp2 patch KB948465 x86 and tried to install it. But it shows an error "You need to install windows server Service Pack1 before continuing". When I look in the system properties it shows " Windows Server Enterprise Service Pack 1 v.126. How am I to upgrade ? Kindly help.
  10. Hi, I have one DVD RW 4.5 GB. I once burned some software ( Actually I dont remenber what software) on to it and now it is not being read. I am also not able to burn any data as the writer shows "No Media Present". Is it possible to fix the DVD.
  11. When I switch the power on the fan starts running in full speed. I have checked the fan connections. It's connected to the CPU header. I did some changes in the bios. Now the fan stabilizes to normal speed but every now and then it gains full speed.
  12. I have checked the fan. It seems to be seated perfectly. Are there ways to seat the fan.
  13. Thanks all of you. Luckily my drive is still under warranty.now I'll have to backup all my data to another drive. Can anyone pls suggest me the best external drive at reasonable cost. Thanks a lot again.
  14. I have a MSI G31TMP21 motherboard with 2GB DDR2 RAM. Intel P4 3.0Ghz processor. The fan on my processor seems to be always running on full speed. I changed the BIOS settings but to no vain.
  15. Thanks Allen. But i have already tested the HDD with seatools and carried out a long test. The long test shows some error in windows file system. Also i want to add that some times my hard drive is not recognised in BIOS.

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