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  1. Thanks for the BIG help.. It works exactly what I really want to..
  2. It is possible because i've already seen it. Picture .. It is from Windows XP Professional SP3 Black Edition.. And i want to do it with my own copy of Legit Windows XP Installation CD..
  3. It Works.. But my .cmd file executes after i set my user account.. The sequence must be : Set my User account, Apply System Setting, Desktop, And my .cmd will auto-execute.. Please help me..
  4. I've tried this patterns but still doesn't work.. %SOURCE%\OEM\RunOnce\yourfile.cmd %SOURCE%OEM\RunOnce\yourfile.cmd Do i need to remove the spaces between my .cmd file name?.. ~ My .cmd file name is "WXPx86BE - Setup.cmd"
  5. Still doesn't work. My .cmd file doesn't auto-execute after welcome screen.
  6. Hi guys.. What command can i put at RunOnce to execute (run only) a .cmd file?.. The .cmd file is located on my cd \OEM\RunOnce
  7. its too complicated for me.. I already done adding wallpapers by adding $OEM$ > $$ > Webs (with wallpapers folder).. and i already tested it.. without typing of adding any batch file.. Is there any other way to delete specific wallpapers from my WinXP Pro SP3 installer?.. Kindly please make a simple tutorial.. Please.. I'm begging you..
  8. I want to remove specific desktop wallpapers except for bliss and WinXP Pro (Blue) Wallpaper and add new desktop wallpaper from my Windows XP Pro SP3 installer.. I don't have $EOM$ and i don't know how to add it to my Windows XP Pro SP3 installer.. Please make a simple & specific tutorials with tips & rationalé if possible so that i can easily understand.. Thanks in advance..
  9. Keep removing add-ons until you find the culprit. I'm not sure.. Maybe the .net framerwork addons is the main reason why it takes me hours to be able to install my Intergrated Windows XP Pro SP3 Retail.. I did not tested it yet..
  10. Too bad.. I already done removing the .net framework 2.0 and 3.0 but still it takes me hours to be able to install Windows XP Pro SP3 Integrated..
  11. Ahh OK.. i'll try it.. I needed .net framework 1.0 - 2.0 as a requirement of my Video card driver like ATI (.net framework 1.1?) and Tune Up Utilities for the themes (.net framework 2.0 sp2).. and 3.0 - 4.0 just to complete my .net framework installation.. I have Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager as my virtual machine..
  12. where can i place my hotfixes?.. what is the proper way of adding hotfixes & addons using Nlite?.. I already tried my Windows XP Pro SP3 Retail without any addons and it takes me only about 20-30 mins to install..
  13. Please Help me.. How to make may Windows XP SP3 faster.. I have Windows XP Professional SP3 2007 Retail (Untouched) This my addons and tweaks.. WinXP SP3 Retail.zip ~ MSN Explorer - Removed ~ Windows Tour - Removed ~ Windows Media Player 9 - Removed (Replaced with Windows Media Player 11) ~ Internet Explorer 8 - added ~ .Net Frame Work 1.0 - 4.0 - Added ~ SP3 Windows Update Pack The main problem is, it takes me hours before i install my Integrated Windows XP Professional SP3 I have Windows 7 Ultimate but it takes me only 20 mins. to be able to install..
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