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  1. Guys I've done it... Thanks for all the support! BTW the intial problem was that the PSU didn't turn on... solved with a contact in MOBO connector... @jaclaz [italian] tanto un giorno ti beccherò si spera, e quel giorno ti offrirò un bel birrozzo, grazie per tutto [/italian]
  2. Maybe the HEAD contact was not right... now it must be, i resend the command?
  3. Ok ok, the prompt finally appeared. Got another problem. http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/8171/immaginelko.jpg Help me quickly please... i'm doing it all right now :(
  4. I've done my octopus... only a question... battery 0 v = ?
  5. I completely disassembled my case and i've found one of that cables that i need... Now i need to know ... how to feed the hd by using it? I also have another problem, my cable is fully black and I don't know what's the ground cable but it seems that they are the central ones. When I'll get home again I'll try and I'll edit this post with results, hoping it works Thanks for the third (or fourth) time, lol
  6. Well, the loopback test worked (or so it seems) But... my PSU has this cable http://www.aidewindows.net/images/mat/sata_power.jpg
  7. Ok... i've read ALL i've found on this forum and all you've posted... How the f*** do i connect the GRD cable to the PSU? There's no way, or i can't find it ... It must work goddamn, the circuit should work, every cable is where it must be but for some strange reason it doesnt work, i'm really starting to think that my PCB is completely GONE... Worst thing is that i don't understand the problem -.- and I'm really sorry for all the time you're wasting to help me ...
  8. Hm, I'm feeling stupid. ._. I've checked all the cables and it seems there are no contacts between them.. Could it maybe be a problem of settings of HyperTerminal? I'm meaning ASCII or something like ... Another thing... do you confirm that three cables (tx rx grd) have to go from the HD to the controller? In other tutorial i've seen that only TX and RX cables are nececessary... Thank you for all the support guys, I really appreciate
  9. NO, you DID NOT. It's first line says: You FAILED reading the read-me-first BEFORE. READ it NOW : Pay PARTICULAR attention to point #7! While you are at it ALSO READ the FGA's: again, #7 will interest you. jaclaz Thanks for the answer, i'm gonna check the points you have highlined... sorry for my being n00b : EDIT: ok, i connected the GRD cable from the converter to the hd ... same result, i still don't understand what's wrong with this... sorry again for my ignorance
  10. Hi all... I own a Maxtor Diamondmax 22 500gb SATA hd... it seems to have the BUSY problem. I followed with care the guide on the first post but when I type on Hyperterminal CTRL+Z to open the prompt, something STRANGE happens... random simbles appear, like exclamation marks, smiles (wtf?) and hearts... The HD is connected to this. The adapter is supplied by 2 AA batteries and the hard disk is feed by a sata cable... what do i wrong? Obviously the PCB of the hd is separated from the contacts... Rx and Tx cables are ok... can anyone help me? [this is an example of wtf happens when I press CTRL Z http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/3487/asdys.jpg] PS: sorry for my poor english, I'm from Italy and schools pretty sucks there.