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  1. Just a question, might develop to some nice discussion probably. But for now, i need some good title to play P.S: GEEKS! CANT YOU ****** PLAY NORMAL GAMES? OTHER THAN FPS? AND LIFE SIMULATORS?!
  2. Just thought i would contribute, so here it goes: http://www.softpedia.com Im sorry if you have already known that website, but as i said earlier, i just thought about contributing.
  3. Can i use the same method for 1.00PR? And which method is the best?
  4. Well, im new here, but i just had to post my problem first, and only then introduce myself, sorry for that. Im from israel, a martial artist and a linguist (pretty much), like fooling around with computer software, always like looking for good programs that might just do something unique (Complex, with alot of handy features). Came here for 1 reason, but i guess i have more reasons now that i see some really nice stuff! I hope i will enjoy here, and that you will enjoy my sometimes annoying comments or questions (Which i ask alot...). Cheers.
  5. I tried that... it didnt work. Well, come on? I know there's some program out there, or ill have to reinstall windows
  6. Hi, im new here. I just want to ask if there are any programs that can make Programs/Games think you're running windows xp? Im currently having hard time running a game demo, which is supposedly not supported with Windows 2003. Im running Windows 2003 server as a workstation (taken from the msfn guide). I have all the latest drivers. The game is Kult: Heretic Kingdoms, and its the demo of it which was released yesterday (1st october). I remember seeing some program in that fashion, maybe someone would like to remind me the name? Or give me some passage way to look for? Thanks.

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