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  1. Brilliant! Thanks jaclaz,I do have a spare psu and will try this. So to re-iterate Orange and one black (being ground) to connect in place of the battery correct? Thanks
  2. Jaclaz I already had usb to rs232 handy so felt it no need to buy a nokia cable in your point as it is not the people's choice. Also if you can't except a user 'going on and on' what kind of forum can you call this? I in no way intend to offend you but maybe you need to take a step back and breathe before firing across answers like this? Yes I appreciate you get the same questions but this is by no means an 'easy' task to complete for a first timer! And I am not trying to hide behind the 'I'm no electronics expert' as you can see I clearly am no electronic expert lol.I am simply trying to get justification in answers so I can succeed in saving relevant data on the hard drive. I am also well aware PC psu's have orange cable and didn't say they don't,myne in this instance happens to be in a sealled sata unit as i said before which I can not access. Anyways thanks once again for your patience, I will read the read me for the umteenth time to try best to understand it. Mate end of the day I am not here to argue with you, if you get upset with my questions then please feel free not to answer or paste the 'readme' file again, as I in no way dissrespect you and would appreciate the same. I do beleive you guys are doing a fantastic job and would not be (half-way) there without this forum. Thanks
  3. Thanks BlouBul, Orange cable in the box is going to a sealed SATA unit which means I can not get power from there. Any idea on what my next step is? Many thanks
  4. Excuse my ignorance Jaclaz, But as per my pic below I don't see any orange cables unless I am colour blind and my glasses deceive me. I also don't see this as a senseless post as this is from a thread on your forum and believe this to be informative if I can't identify the wire and someone else sees this they too will not be confused! Yes i did read posts saying red is 5v but if the orange cable in my case is a sealed unit what is my next step is what I am trying to get to? I appreciate you get hundreds of posts a day with comments like myne but please at least have the patience to point out the obvious without getting too hard headed as just like others I am no expert in electronics but am trying my damned hardest to get this to work. Once again thanks for your comments I appreciate ALL the help I can get.
  5. Or.... Think I can plug 2 males into red and black from the molex pic outlined in this thread? http://www.mapleleafmountain.com/seagatebrick.html ? Black to ground and red to vcc? Thanks
  6. Ok orange wires are sealed tight and no ways of getting them our of SATA connector as it is a seales unit and those are the only orange wires in the case. Next suggestion would probably be 2 x AA batteries closed together>? Thanks
  7. Thank you, I will eliminate the battery tonight and plug straight into the power supply undoing the relevant pins and test then. I'm sure aliens do exist but will not contact me so thanks for the alien answer as well. Thought it in my best interest to give the most info as that is how one eliminates things if not enough info is specified (like possible fault with usb to serial connector). I will share my findings tonight. As always thanks once again for the help even if it is a bit alienated lol
  8. Thanks BlouBul, Have checked the connections and all seems fine? (might try re-solder when I get home?) Strange thing is I went on lunch and came back to connect the device again (not in the loop back and no h/drv connected,just the battery and connected to the usb cable) and opened hyperterm and when it went in it gave an error cant open com 3. So I thought fair enough, connected a paperclip to rx and tx and went back into hyperterm and it came up saying connected and I could now type characters. However when I disconnected the paperclip tried opening another hyperterm session and it came up saying connected but this time I could not type anything in. Does this mean the connections is touching somewhere? So to re-iterate, when i disconnect the ttl board and leave in the usb to rs232 connector and open hyperterm it comes up saying connected (but cant type any characters obviously),connect the ttl board to the rs232 connector and open a hyperterm session it still says connected but can't type anything. When I connect a paperclip to tx and rx connectors and open a hyperterm session it says connected and I can type characters. Is this right? Thanks
  9. Ok guys just having no luck here. So I have soldered everything accordingly,(Sorry black is soldered to ground but already done it so i didnt change it) Here are the pics below. I have done loopback tests and taken the jumper off and stuck a pin between rx and tx and was able to type in hyperterm. I have changed both tx and rx on the hard drive and can entery hyperterm fine with all the settings but when I press ctrl + z nothing happens and I can't type anything although its saying it is connected. Should I start again and re-solder everything? Light comes on when I connect the battery as well on the ttl device. I also connect the ground to the correct pin on the hard drive. Have tried this on my laptop as well as work pc today as well as changing rx and tx pins around and when the hard drive is connected and I open hyperterm it says connected but i cant type anything. Withouth the drive connected I can type letters and when i press ctrl + z i get an arrow key but presume this is cause the hard drive is not conencted. Thanks
  10. Ok so now I have got from the TLL adapter going to the hard drive: From PC (TX) to >>> RX (on Seagate) - From PC (RX) to >>> TX (on Seagate) Now I need to solder 2 wires from gnd and vcc + to the batttery? Please help? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the help guys!!! Greatly appreciated. Yeah looking at my receipt I have the 4205 version and was confused as to where to solder on the board. I have 2 cables I can strip back in the pic below. Got the battery holder as well as the battery. Is this the right part to connect to the hard drive for the pins? --->http://www.maplin.co.uk/tamiya-race-pack-connector-11455 BlouBul good luck with the game this weekend against the Tahs (From a sharks supporter in London;-)) I will read up further in the post provided and take print outs so I know whats going on but thats what I have to work with for the time being. Thanks again for all the help much appreciated!
  12. Wondering if anyone can help? Bought all the relevant parts for the drive but just need to solder, and not sure what to solder where? Took some close ups of the R232 to TTL as it has a jumper underneath it and slightly different. Also am pretty sure I can use sound cables instead of the normal nokia cable but just need guidence from here. I don't have or couldn't get hold of any pins to go on the end of the hard drive but am happy to solder direct as long as I know what to solder. Here are my pics and if u need more just shout. The drive is Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 and it powers up but does not detect in cmos and i need to get the info off here. Your forum is awesome and help greatly appreciated. Thanks!