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  1. since you guys have been able to install W2K3SP1 using WINPE 2005, here is my question

    when i run the mkimg.cmd i get the following:

    verifying media...

    building hives...

    MKIMG failed to build WinPE's registry from the 'config.inf' file.

    If you have made modifications to this file, please check them for errors.

    this file has not been modified at all and works fine for XPSP2, and if I try it on W2K3 i get version mismatch

    Please help

  2. When trying to build a Winpe disk with Server 2003 Sp1 I get the following error:

    "MKIMG failed to build WinPE's registry from the 'config.inf' file.

    type bldhives-err.txt

    echo If you have made modifications to this file, please check them for errors."

    The file has not been modified and I have no problems withXPSP2.

    When I tried Server 2003 without SP1 iit told me version mismatch.

    Please help

  3. that is the way it is set, if i go to my computer i can see the the drive i want and if i click on it i am then prompted for a password. i want this to work the way it did in 2000 where if you permanent mapped drives you are prompted for pass words as you log in. we change our pass words every 90 days here.

    I'm a windows admin not a unix admin so i have a different username for windows and unix, so i do have it as connect as other user.

  4. I'm sorry, but what exactly is XPLODE?

    looked at the links, but it doesn't tell me what it is. I take it it has to be integrated with XP, and not run as an application.

  5. Under W2K if you had a connection to a unix drive, when you logged in it would prompt you for a password (if the password was differnt than your windows password). XP doesn't do this. If you click on the drive it willl prompt you but that is the only time.

    is there a way to have it prompt me during log in?

  6. was able to fix the problem. I had to use the Western digital utillity disk to remove the 3gig partition.

    now the build works fine I just didn't want to have extra steps for our builders.

    here is the response I got from Gateway:

    "Thank you for using Gateway's Online E-mail Support. Regarding your issue with your computer. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer support for this type of issue. "

    Thanks for the help and comments, these forums have been very helpfull

  7. My company just ordered 250 gateway pc's, and i'm having problems getting my build to work ( it works fine on all of Dell pc's)

    I boot from the PE cd and am able to establish network connectivity, but diskpart will not clean the drive of the Gateway stuff without using partition magic first (tells me drive is in use). once i get the disk cleaned and formatted and attempt to copy file about 20% through I get an error trying to copy a file.

    why am i having so many problems with Gateway

  8. Thanks Don

    I'll try that.

    what I do now is run mkimg.cmd and copy a modified txtsetup.sif over the original, and i also copy the drivers to the i386 directory.

    what i have is a winpe bootdisk that launches diskpart, format, then the xp install. Unattend.txt is stored on the network along with the drivers.

  9. I have tried adding SATA drivers into my winpe build and if fails everytime.

    I modified the txtsetup.sif and copied the drivers into the winpe disk and keep getting an error 14.

    The drives are in dell 370




  10. Well i've almost got my build working, on my pc across the network i can get XP installed in about 30 min. My last hurdle is that we have some computers with a different NIC card and XP does not detect it therefore will not boot to the network. The network card is ALIED TELESYN 2745fx (fiber).

    My question is where and how do I add this driver to WINPE?

    Here is the list of files that i need to use










  11. How do i get winpe and XP on the same cd as and make it bootable?

    I've been using the MKIMG command after i make a couple changes to I386 source, make my image, boot the cd and am told to insert SP1 into drive A:.

    my goal is to boot from a cd with WINPE launch my modified Startnet.cmd, wich inturn will launch dispart, then format the drive and install the OS to C:

    I would like to get the install process below 30min

    My install from the network takes 52 min.

    but i still have a problem with mapping to a network share, the mapping kicks off before dhcp is fully established. if i kick off startnet again then it works fine.

    please help

  12. have 3 ?'s

    I modified the startnet.cmd to launch to a network share.

    my problem is the delay in receiving a DHCP address to when my scripts kick off.

    1. is there a way to create a delay for X-seconds in XPE (sleep doesn't work)?


    factory -winpe


    @echo off

    set AnswerFile=\\ap01u\dfs\SoftDist\Microsoft\Windows_XPSP1\xp_deploy\unatt.txt

    set SetupFiles=\\ap01u\dfs\SoftDist\Microsoft\Windows_XPSP1\xp_deploy\I386

    net use s: \\ap01u\dfs\softdist /user:?????? ?????? /persistent:no

    Diskpart /s \\ap01u\dfs\SoftDist\Microsoft\Windows_XPSP1\xp_deploy\diskpart.txt

    format c: /fs:NTFS /v:winxp /q /x /y

    \\ap01u\dfs\SoftDist\Microsoft\Windows_XPSP1\xp_deploy\I386\winnt32 /SYSPART:C: /s:%SetupFiles% /unattend:%AnswerFile% /copysource:lang

    2. after install is complete I want to assign R: to my cd drive, I want this to happen without going through diskmanager. HOW?

    3.computer has 1 hard drive i have used Diskpart to create an 8gig part, and now i want to make the rest of the drive U: (NTFS, must also be a primary partition, no matter what size the drive)


    select disk 0


    create partition primary size=8192

    select partition 1

    assign letter=c


    detail disk


    please help

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