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  1. Hi, I was about to make the same post, just if any really knowledgeavle geek could tell me what I need to put in the WINNT.SIF that would disable system restore. I would be very grateful. Thanks P.S. I've tried nLite and believe it rocks just wanted to do this through WINNT.SIF
  2. Sure the old technique works fine Extract the files from the Service Pack using Start -> Run -> Filename -x command Then in the update folder use the update.exe to update your 2003 Share/Folder using the command Filename with path to update.exe -s:Filename with path to 2003 Share/Folder. Thats it and you are done. Hope it helps, not going into details... If you want more details just ask.
  3. Dude, just format that s***, you need a clean installation and then see, back up allyour data. It'll take you ages to get all the spyware and viruses out, once formatted, use a good AV, I recommend Kaspersky Personal 5, norton or macafee for that matter Nod32 are all crap.
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