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  1. Winpeshl.ini help

    Thanks Tripredacus I'll try that and let you know
  2. Winpeshl.ini help

    I tried mapping the drive first, but get an error about workstation service not being started I added this to the batch file but get another error saying the servbice cant be started I assume it is because winpe hasnt fully loaded when the mapping is trying to run The reason I say this is cause if the batch and txt file are just at the root of the winpe folder and I dont use winpeshl, when winpe has loaded it is at an x prompt, I can then do D: and run the batch file from there and it all works fine
  3. Winpeshl.ini help

    Hi Tripredacus I am using PE 3.0 and I havent added any packages, it is just a basic PE used to boot a machine and copy over a wim from a network location bat file diskpart /s d:\*.txt net use p: \\share address p: copy *.wim m: txt file select disk 0 clean create partition primary size=512 select partition 1 format fs=ntfs label=system quick assign letter=c active create partition primary select partition 2 format fs=ntfs label=win7 quick assign letter=m exit winpeshl.ini [LaunchApp] AppPath = %SYSTEMDRIVE%\windows\system32\*.bat So I need the txt file to prepare the hard drive for the image, then copy the wim from one location to another and apply it to the HDD
  4. Winpeshl.ini help

    I have a batch file that kicks off diskpart to ready a drive for installation, then it goes on to copy a wim from one network location to another, than applies that wim This process works manually, so I can boot winpe, then I change drive to D: and kick of the batch file from here, diskpart runs, then closes and the wim copies over and is applied to the HDD, on reboot it boots to windows I want to automate this process using winpeshl.ini, so so far I have created winpeshl.ini and copied it to windows\system32 on the boot.wim copied the batch file and diskpart text file to same folder Now what happens is diskpart runs ok but then the process falls over at the stage where I am maping the network location, it says it cant start the workstation service Can anyone assist please?