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  1. Here's how to Fix WMI Event ID 10, "InstanceModificationEven

    Destry, I am so right behind you on this one, it's not funny! This has been one of my pet-peeves with various fora for a long time now - and I specifically signed-up for this forum just to reply to, and endorse, your comment. @Everybody who reads this. Everything I have learned, literally everything, has come about because I read something that someone else had published - like these fora - or someone has taken me by the hand and guided me along the path of righteousness, so to speak. And for all of this, by all of the nameless people who have been of assistance, (like the creator of this thread), I am eternally grateful. I have been messing with this stuff for more than 30 years now - and I still don't know everything. I, too, depend on the generosity of the people on fora like this to help guide my path at times. Because of this, it behooves us to walk gently and remember to be patient with those who come after us. Remember: You were once a wet-behind-the-ears noob too, and you likely came to fora (or people) like this and asked similarly "idiotic" questions. And chances are that some nameless hero took you and guided you by the hand through, (what seemed to you at that time), an endless morass. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we need to be "heroes" for the newcomers. What say ye? Jim http://qatechtips.com