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  1. thx guys, unfortunately i don't have time to play around. but thank You for answers. I just found out, that win 7 need ultimate version to switch languages. great stuff from ms as usual. I wonder why people are not switching to Linux, or buying apple comps. best regards
  2. ugh my english is bad I CAN'T make cd/DVD pc recovery suggests to make recovery partiotion FROM cd/DVD (and IS expecting media to be inserted to cd drive) also partition was VISIBLE, only files, dirs were hidden. i've only unhidden files/dirs on visible partition. seems like ordering cd is my only option? is this problem with recovery present on newer hp as well? so first thing after opening box should be making recovery cd/dvd 'cos recovery partition can go south at any time?
  3. hi i'm trying to get through all 11 pages, but there is to many post and links that are around my problem, so maybe someone may point me to right pages, post etc. (a straight away answer would be handy as well) so, the problem is: 1. it's not my laptop (hp pavilion, xp MCE) so I don't know what was installed/run. 2. I'm trying to do full recovery to factory settings 3. pc recovery from windows gives "recovery part could not be found" message 4. f11 starts pc recovery that is trying to make recovery part (it needs cd/DVD disks that weren't done) 5. f8 has no recovery option 6. making recovery part active changes nothing (normal boot to xp) 7. recovery part is visible, I made everything visible on partition using attrib. any help?