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  1. Okay I checked it. Everything is still in the green. Finally this problem is completely solved! Thanks again!
  2. Alright good news, I think! I managed to get a USB keyboard and mouse and the audio crackle I used to get from my PS/2 keyboard is gone completely! However, I checked the DPC latency to make sure it was all gone but now it seems that ndis.sys and USBPORT.SYS are spiking, up to about 4.5% CPU usage. Is this something that needs fixing or is everything normal now? If so, then the only downside is that I have to get used to this new keyboard. Oh well, much better than the alternative. Thank you so much for all your help, you're a godsend. Edit: I noticed some clicking while I was watching some HD videos on youtube so I checked my DPC latency out while watching. It seems my USBPORT.SYS is spiking up to %10 CPU usage. Is there a way to fix this aswell?
  3. I don't know anyone that has a USB keyboard I can use. I'll go out and try to find one to buy. I'll come back when I've tested it.
  4. Sorry x( I have no idea what RAID is. I don't know a lot about computers. I'm just determined to fix all these problems. HDD is an external hard drive right? No I don't use any kind of devices like that except USB storage when I need to bring files with me to school. Does that mean I shouldn't have storport.sys? Also will getting a USB converter for my PS/2 keyboard fix my latency problem? Or should I just buy a brand new USB keyboard? And I thought you may want to take a loot at my DPC after my system restore, so I put it on mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/?spoprg8t3si7wne I'm reupdating my OS with service pack 1 as I type this. And sorry again. I thought you meant I needed to select the interval of the entire graph, not just the spikes. When I did that it showed hal.dll as the highest.
  5. Okay I rechecked what was causing the DPC latency after I restored my system, and apparently something called storport.sys is causing just as much interrupt CPU usage as i8042prt.sys. I also saw that USBPORT.SYS is taking up a lot of DPC CPU usage now after I restored my system to factory settings. So I have two more new problems >_< do you know how I can fix these? I tried going in to device manager and updating drivers for my USB ports but it said they're all up to date.
  6. Oh. Whenever I checked the Interrupt DPC graph it always shows hal.dll as #1 with around 30 thousand avg time. I disconnected my PS/2 mouse and put in a USB and it shows that it's not giving any more latency. Now it only shows my keyboard giving the high amount. I don't have a USB keyboard but I'm going to look in to buying a PS/2 to USB converter. I'll get back to you if it fixes the problem. Also err, hal.dll had me worried so I restored my system to it's factory settings. It didn't change anything; the problem is still there but I thought I should try.
  7. I managed to find a USB mouse laying around my house and I replaced my PS/2 mouse with that one. I ran the test again on page 1 and the USB mouse doesn't show up on the graph at all so it seems my PS/2 connections are to blame. But hal.dll is really worrying me. It's WAY higher than the PS/2 drivers in interrupt latency; is that a problem?
  8. How do I do that? I don't have a converter or anything. Oh and what about hal.dll? Isn't that causing problems too?
  9. Here it is on mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/?wwe011kkblc0n0e
  10. Hello! I did as you asked and I recorded when I get the huge latency spike. Please tell me what I need to do to fix this! This spike ONLY happens when I'm listening to music/watching a video AND typing at the same time. I joined today just to get your help; I've searched everywhere and I don't know what to do. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XKZNBR0W