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  1. Using AMD OpenCL on WinPE?

    I was able to load vga drivers perfectly on a older make pe version... i cant do it anymore in 4.0. If i can avoid make pe the better, that means i need to first make a wim image with make pe and then load it again and use my batch to add stuff to it, but well if a dont have another option... still with make pe 4.0 i was unable to... i dont remember what version was the one that i managed to put up vga drivers from inside the winpe using drvload. besides i dont need gui... i have batch files running on WinPE to run stuff on it from a remote computer.
  2. Using AMD OpenCL on WinPE?

    Hi, i been attepting to have OpenCL and CUDA support on WinPE... Cuda is tricky, AMD OpenCL is my priority, i have two problems; 1) I cant get msi installer to work 2) The VGA drivers are loaded with drvload, but i cant find a way to "enable" them, GPU-z still dont known what vga is installed, so Standart VGA driver is still used by PE. Any ideas? About .msi installer i managed to be able to start/stop msiserver service, but still says "windows installer service cant be accessed" update: i think i discovered the problem with vga drivers, using devmanview i noticed it says "Display", instead of "Standart VGA device"... thats why loaded drivers cant "update" it... any way to workaround this?
  3. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    Yeah! thanks that fixed all side by side errors! thanks. about .msi installer I cant use your tool for this, i need to be able to do the .wim file myselft, im very very close to finish this, i just need to be able to install OpenCL, (uses an msi installer), in a .wim image made by your tool it installed fine, i need to do the same. How you managed to make que windows installer to work? i just need this to finish it. the msiexec seem to be registered, its the service who is not running. BTW, i have to do something after loading a video driver? because the driver seems to be installing using drvload, but not init (no change in resolution).
  4. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    Nevermind i just figured it out, thanks, the correct files are in place, the keys are in the registry, still .msi extencions are not registered by default(fixed by a simple regsvr32 msi.dll"), i also tryie doind msiexec /regserver, still no luck, i cant start the msi service... BTW, you know if there is any way to install VB2008 / 2005 redistributable once .msi installer is working? none of those .cab packages in Windows 7 Compact incluides it or something??? i have some programs that they "cant start becuase of a side-by-side configuration error".
  5. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    i dont known to add those reg keys before building the winpe... can you help me?
  6. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    Hi guys, excellent work! I trying to make a minimal WinPE to run especific programs, but i have 2 problems. 1) i cant get Windows Installer to work. 2) i cant get VB2008/2005 redistributable to install about the 2nd once i know its work because using "make PE3" msi installer does work, but it cant install. Thi is the scritp to generate the winpe i got so far... what i need to add to "register" the msiexec and his service?