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  1. See here for reference: jaclaz From your description, I really don't think I fried pcb. This is good news I'll try to clen headers, hope that's the problem. Thanks so much !! UPDATE: I just noticed that if I keep ear very close when I plug-in the power I can hear a very low periodical (0.5 sec) "tik" ...note I'm not asking help specifically on the procedure, I'm just asking if in your opinion my HD is still alive and if I should keep trying the procedure, maybe buying a serial adapter or something more successful.
  2. Good news; the strange fact here is that the HD did make a startup noise, and now it doesn't...
  3. Hello all, thanks for the support...I'd like to write here only to say "thanks for the guide, i restored my hd", but sadly I can't. I've read many guides, and HELP and FAQ topics too. I used a ca-42 cable; i succesfully looped back; but couldn't connect to the HD. Now to make it simple, I have a short question. Before doing any attempt, HD started up when I powered it. Now, after taking off isolating paper, placing screws, and powering, it doesn't do NOTHING. I'm really worried. The only question is: did I definitely fried my HD? Or maybe that this is normal when you start up HD with motors isolated, plug out, and then when you reconnect (removing the paper) and power up for some reason the HD will not start up? Many Thanks.
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