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  1. c_20127.nls error after sysprep.

    Yeah I had seen that, I was hoping that someone might have found a solution and would be willing to share. Is there an alternative to nLite that can be used to create customised XP discs?
  2. c_20127.nls error after sysprep.

    I am having the same problem as described by many people and have tried the solutions on here about moving the install path and copying the files into there, removing the install path etc. Can anyone advise anything more I can try? I have been told to use BartPE with DriveImage XML, although I'm not sure this will do what I am wanting it to do. Just clarify this is what I am doing: I am using nLite to create Windows XP discs with Service Pack 3 and SATA drivers injected. The latest laptops we get do not run smoothly in compatibility mode so this seems like the best solution for keeping it in AHCI mode and loading the SATA drivers, rather than pressing F6 and using a floppy etc. I then use Sysprep to create an image and use mini setup and reseal before uploading to the WDS server. When creating the image it is fine but then when you try to deploy that image back out onto other machines you always get an error about missing files. If you put the nLite XP CD in and point it to D:\i386 it finds the files and continues and the image works fine but this obviously defeats the object of creating an image. The error I get is: "the file 'c_20127.nls' on windows xp professional cd-rom is needed"