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  1. any recommended programs?
  2. So I just want to make it clear that I want all the users to have the same password they had on the Ultimate image... Its a huge hassle to get them to change it again and this image gets deployed to several machines (each of which is used by multiple users).. Having a dummy password like that would force them to change it on their first logon on each pc... There's gotta be a way to do this
  3. Long story short, I created an unattended image of Windows 7 Ultimate with a bunch of user accounts with passwords set (I took a generalized sysprep capture after they all logged in). I went with Ultimate because of SFU (we've used this previously for XP), however, unlike XP, 7 doesn't include NFS server with SFU. I now need to re-create this image as Windows 7 Professional. From my understanding, I need to do a clean build. Is there anyway to copy all the profiles over to the new build with each user's password set? Getting all the users to come back to the lab and set their passwords is a huge hassle. I've tried the Easy Transfer tool, however it sets the User Must Change Password on First Login flag. If I disable it through the admin account, the next attempt auto logs in since the password is blank. Any help/advice is appreciated -Pete
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  5. anyone solve this? i'm in the same boat with a poweredge 2900. any help is appreciated