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  1. ok i was right^^ its the usb ports the drive is fine and so is the stuff on it. now i....how do i fix the USB Ports problem please help. and thanks to all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it means alot to me! ~SpiritGuide~
  2. hey this thought just occured to me. the usb ports on the machine arent working meaning that when i plug in a flash drive it doesnt come up at alll. so heres wat i just thought about. on the computer we conect to the internet using a wireless motem. in the back of the computer a little device is plugged in for the internet and the seagate drive is connected to the machine as well. do u think that if the usb ports arent workin that would explain why the internet and the drive arent working? and why all 3 stoped working same day? if it is cuz the usb ports is there way to fix it and does that mean nothing is wrong with my drive after all? and if i unplugg the drive could i damage or loose the data on it, i think it may be partally connected (if thats even possible) cuz it shows up in my computer. this thought just occured to me cuz i read your post on how the drive couldnt afffect the internet or the usb device. i rememberd when i had first plugged in my flash drive and it didnt register i tried plugging into the back of computer and the drive and internet connection devive thing(dont know what its called) were both plugged in as well and those where the other things i was having problems with. so im hoping this is the problem and not the drive cuz nothing else makes any relative sense.
  3. if i unplugg the freeagent drive from the pc it on and plug it into the laptop im on could i risk loosing all the data or making things worse. thats just the the thing im afraid of right now is loosing everything on the drive cuz its all there i just cant see it.
  4. there were 154 gb on the drive. i did what u said but idk how too get to post them im on a seperate computer rightnow. the computer im having trouble with stoped having internet connection when the drive acted up and since then the computer wont recognize me putting in a flash drive. how do i get the zip file to this computer to post? also when i went into seagate manager it says no external drive is connected.
  5. hey all i just recently posted a thread for my seagate drive. i was wondering if u could take a look at it, i think i may be having the same problem as listed above. can somone please verify this theory?
  6. hey i made a new thread. its titled "New Seagate. folder shows 0bytes" or somthing like that i dont completely remember wat the last words are just the basic point. please see if u can help:)
  7. HI all First off i would like to apologize for the large picture size i have a e machine windows xp computer. i have a brand new seagate external drive bought last black friday. my computer had crashed in december but a friend of mine saved all data in my C drive to the external drive. he fixed my computer and till about April 13th everything was working fine. on April 12th i pulled an all nighter, playing WOW, till about 5am. i closed game and turned off the monitor then went to school. i came home at about 3 pm turned on the monitor and a message came up on the welcome screen. i didnt take a picture but when i logged in the same message showed up. i freaked and quickly checked the I drive (where my seagate is) and everything showed up as empty or 0 bytes. but the folders were still there. i went into document and settings folder i hovered over the user folders and they were empty. they didnt even contain any folders inside it( and there was supose to be a ton of files inside) then i looked at the program files folder and it was empty. not even folders inside either. HERES THE WEIRD THING!!!!!!!!!!!!! but when i went into to drives properties is showed there was 154gb saved onto the drive ( which is the amount that is supose to be on it) So Now i could use so much help to resolve the issue and recover the data. i had a lot of important files saved on it that i cant afford to loose. i havent done anything to it or tryied anything cuz as i said not good hardware skills and i didnt want to risk loosing all data. and at 1st i thought it was a 0LBA error was the issue but since there are still folders within someone disproved that theory. im really lost and all help would be very much appriciated. and 1st off i was wonderin if i could even unplugg it for i havent yet. i didnt want to risk anything at all. and somehow the internet conection was bonded to the drive for when the drives "memory lost" the internet connection completely went with it. the provider didnt even show so id need to compleately redo the whole internet provider service and connection and so on. and also it wont recognize a flash drive in the computer. SO PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! and if u have any questions PLEASE ask me. and thanks to everyone ahead of time. ~SpiritGuide~ i also cant conect to the internet on it and it wont recoginize when i put a flashdrive into it. i also went into seagate manager and it says no external drive is connected even though it shows that it is connected to the I drive when i go to my computer. so idk thats why i thought maybe something was wrong with the bios as someone else posted as their thread, i looked into it and it sounded alot like what was goin on with my drive. can i unplugg it or will that risk loosing everything?
  8. what wrong with my seagate drive?

  9. Hello ALL< i know u said not to reply but i had the question if u know what is wrong with my seagate if its not a 0 lba. if u do then when i make a thread could u please postonto it? today ive been taking pictures of the screen and the error that comes up my system the seagate system...ect.. and wat should i call the post to get people to know exactly wat the problem is and people can help me. ya i know im a noob but i never make threads normay dont need to. and when it comes to external drives for example or the inner part of the c drive for example i dont know what sometings mean or wat to do. and i havent unplugged the seagate becouse i dont know if i do anything to it like unpluggng for example will loose all the data that is actually on it. i thought it was a 0 lba becouse everything comes up as 0 sept that i do have foldrs on there, the data inside is just gone. but if i go into the properties of the drive it says there is 154gb on the drive which is accurate for everything that was saved on it. so everythings there but i cant see it and the "bios" i think are showing 0gm,mb,k.bytes..ect... but i havent done anything to the drive sept open folders and look at properties im to affraid of loosing everyting i dont want to touch it till someone says its ok. my boyfriend suggested a new drive i should get but first i need to save the data on this one. all my data is on the seagate becouse recently i as having a boot problem were it would got to the emachine logo like normal but after that it would go to a black screen and we would have to boot it again to even be able to go into safe mode options. my friend (who if it had been a 0 lba error i would take to do the taking the drive apart and stufff) was able to save all out data from the c drive and saved it onto the seagate drive my dad bought brandnew during the last blackfriday. everything was working great i was playing WOW stright after we got it back and my friend even made sure that it wosnt WOW that had coused the crash in the first place. and it wasnt so i got to play and i was all happy. april 12 i pulled an all nighter till about 5am then i exited game took a 20min nap and got ready for school. so now it was the 13th i got home from school and turned on th monitor. thats when a message came up saying delay write failed and it kept sayig the data was lost maybe due to hardrive or network conection. and i freaked plain and simple i opend the i drive(seagate) and the folders were all there but inside were empty, even subfolders were gone sept in document and settings folder were is showed all users and then inside all is empty. i called my friend and he didnt know but was gonna look into it but since its our senior year in highschool and we have 21 days left hes been really busy and hasnt goten back to me since the 13th. the message that keeps poping up is a Delay Write Failed for I:\$Mft. but i dont know wat that is. so i dont know wat to do. and now even though u probablbly dont want it and hate me for giving u so much to read now u know what happend. i hope u can help and if u cant can u please at least help get wats important out of wat ive writen so i know what ot put on a new thread? please. ha i feel real pathetic and noob but im desperate and i need help i have to mny important files on that drive like family photos for example of deceased relatives please help. and please reply. u could be a life saver! and i could use one real bad. specially since it was without couse and had worked only 9 hours befre the problem and no one else touched the computer at all inbetween. so im really stumped and agian im sorry for wriing so much. and sorry to everyone else who tries to help me for agian i wrote a crap load but all help would be apriciated!! and all help in creating a new thread would very much be needed and apriciate. it wold be my 1st thread so now i know that its not a oLBA error so now im back at square 1 thank u all for ur patiance. i have good software skills but i am severely lacking in hardware knowlegde so again i apologize for that... ~ SpiritGuide~
  10. Hello Gradius2 i had the same question. and i just really need a yes or no cuz to be honest when it come to being this far in computer skills im a noob. my segant is a 1.31T i believe and i have 158gb of memory on it. my computer recently crashed and friend recovered all my memory and put it on to the segant my dad got. now i belive i have the 0 LBA error because i got freaked for my segant shows that all data is gone when i gointo the folders( all folders are still there) but when i press properties it says all my data is there. it is very important for me to get my data recoverd wich is why im asking if the process u listed will wipe my data clean or will it recover it all. please respond soon for if it will recovermy data then not only are u a god but then i can sent this page to my friend and he can follow ur steps. i just cant risk loosing all my data. please please please help me. o and my computer is a windows xp not sure if thats relevent or not but in case it does thats my system. i had 1 other question, if i only have a 0 LBA error do i have to take the whole segeant apart hook up all the wires and put it back together? or can i just follow the steps below. please help form anyone and everyone would be very much appriciated! After all that, your drive will be ready to use it again (before the state of this stupid error). Since there is NO stable firmware (of fixed firmware) until date (thanks $eagate!), I recommend to backup your datas as soon you recovery the HDD.