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  1. I have slimmed down and made unattended a retail windows xp sp3.Now I want to create a multiboot dvd with the retail and slimmed windows and they will also use the same driver packs and softwares.How do I make this kind of DVD?
  2. nlite extraction problem

    I copied the files from my cd and it is a retail version.Thanks for your replay
  3. nlite extraction problem

    Thanks I tried to extract it winrar but after some time it showed corrupted.Is there any problem if I delete it ? Beacuse I am currently using the windows and I am not having any problem.And How can I use driverpacks with nlite please explain
  4. nlite extraction problem

    Using nlite when I modify drivers in my windows xp sp2 setup I get a error that driver.cab is corrupted.I think it is the fault of nlite that it can't extract the cab file.Is there any way to fix this?
  5. How do I change windows xp version? I know nlite can show windows version in desktop so I just want to add my name in the windows version
  6. I want to add custom image in the setup screen where windows tells to wait for 40 minutes.I have edited the SMSS.exe in i386\system32 folder in my setup cd with res editor and wrote my name but it doesn't show in the setup
  7. I have created an unattended windows xp sp2 setup using nlite.But I can't change the boot screen.I have created an image in photoshop now I want to add it as a boot screen in my unattended windows.How do I do it?
  8. nlite help

    Thank you
  9. nlite help

    I meant if I don't use the addons and use the original setup and use switches to install it silently.
  10. nlite help

    Thank u very much. It helped a lot.One more question in my mind is how can I use switches to install softwares
  11. nlite help

    I am a complete beginer using nlite.I want to add softwares like ccleaner,unlocker,7-zip etc in my windows installation.But how do I add them? and if I use switches than where do i add them and use the switches.And is there any way to change the windows setup look